Avoid Magsforless.com

Magsforless.com and My1mag.com are really crappy. Don’t buy magazines from them. They claim to use the power of bulk purchases to negotiate special rates. The reality is magazines never arriving, completely unresponsive customer service, and ruminating observers of human behavior everywhere bereft of their New Yorkers.

If reader Charlie’s letter inside isn’t proof enough, then perhaps the profusion of negative reviews at Epinions might be of service.

Steve Martin should compile them into a Shouts undt Murmurs piece.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the actual magsforless.com site. It looks like poo. Anytime you see a commerce site that looks like it was designed in three seconds, run away. It probably means they suck.

Charlie writes:

    “On September 9, 2006, I ordered online a 2 year renewal subscription for The New Yorker Magazine. My Mastercard was charged $29.50. Over the last few weeks I’ve left 3 voice mails (888-7620-6298)and sent 3 emails to complain because The New Yorker has no record of this transaction. And I’ve received no response from Magsforless.com or their sister company, My1mag.com. Our subscription runs out in February. I’d like my money back. It appears anyone who uses them risks having their money flush down the toilet, and your credit card number is questionable hands.

    I’ve contacted various consumer protection organizations. We’ll see if they have better luck than I did. Just check out what people on epinions.com have to say about these guys. I should have looked there first. I learned the hard way.”

At this point, it seems that Charlie’s best route of action is to contact his credit card company and ask for a chargeback. This will refund Charlie’s money, as well as charge a fee to Magsorless. Luckily, most credit card companies will issue this near automatically for amounts under $50.



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  1. humphrmi says:

    Jeez, my wife ordered subs to kids magazines for our kids this holiday from magsforless; to date we’ve received one of the three. I guess I’m gonna have t’get jiggy wid dem now. Damn.

  2. factotum says:

    I ordered 2 packages from them a year ago: 3 auto mags and 3 men’s fashion types. Received them all w/o problem.

  3. criticman says:

    I have ordered from a handful of these type of magazine deal sites. Most have worked without issue (or the price was so low I completely forgot about ordering). My last purchase was from BestDealMagazines.com for a Forbes subscription. That was in early October. No issues have arrived yet though :-(

  4. gennessee says:

    Ebay is a great resource for magazine subscriptions. I’ve ordered quite a few magazines there, and the only time I had a problem (the magazine ceased publication right after I subscribed) the Ebay seller resolved it immediately. And the prices are great… often far less than sites like MagsForLess. Just look for sellers with excellent feedback, and watch out for those who sneak in shipping charges.

  5. byteme3131 says:

    Thats why i never order from unproven sites…when you try to get something for nothing, that’s usually what you end up with…nothing.

  6. dwarf74 says:

    Wow, I know Mags4Cheap won’t probably be much better, but I ordered from them for Christmas.

    Still, they used Google Checkout. That kind of makes me more confident…

  7. SexCpotatoes says:

    okay, you said “credit card”, so use the magic of CHARGEBACKS!

  8. elvisaintdead says:

    I dealt w/ these yoyos over the summer and fall-
    ordered 3 mags at the end of july, and had receoved none by 10/31. I emailed them, called 3 times (no response) Finally they refunded $6 of the $38 order. I kept at them and a Meagen Richards emailed me back. It took a month more, but they finally ponied up entirely. I felt lucky to get anything back, much less the whole magilla. Stay away.

  9. William Mize says:

    I’ll second or even third the eBay route for cheap magazine subscriptions. Look at the feedback, that should let you know immediately if you’re dealing with a legit, customer-responsive seller. Never ever had a problem with them.

  10. jedco says:

    If you’re in NYC you can at least file a small claims agains them.

    Joel Simkhai
    41 W. 72 St. Apt 10g
    New York, New York 10023
    United States

    If you’re not in NYC, you can file small claims online through ncourt.com.

  11. hit says:

    I feel duped. I never expected this, but I guess when money is involved, companies will try to rip you off. I ordered Oprah’s magazine in Sept 2006 from Magsforless.com and to date have not received the magazine. I have sent many e-mails which received no response. I’m at least happy that it was only $16.20. I’ll try the chargeback.

    Inform all of your friends and family. From what others said I guess I’ll try E-bay in the future.

  12. jennyblue says:

    Several “companies” belong to this same owner. snappymags, my1mag,almostfreemags and softwareprojects.com. Still waiting on a refund. Bad news. Stay very far away.

  13. UDUII says:


  14. roguepixie says:

    Gennessee and William say “go the ebay route,” but the ebay sellers use the same language as the websites.

    I’ve heard there is more information about these sites out there in the virtual world. I’m really curious about how they do what they do, but I’m not having any luck finding the answers. Can anyone point me to more information?

  15. Oceanoma says:

    I like to fish. It is such a wonderful challenge. Whether fresh or saltwater fishing – you have to consider that it is a battle of wits – human against FISH. Little did I know that when I subscribed to several fishing magazines for my son and for myself – that I would end up involved in a nine-month long fishing expedition. Yes – I said nine months. I ordered three magazine subscriptions – Bassmaster for my son and for myself and Bassin’ for my son – and not one single magazine has reached our doors. I’ve filled out their Customer Service forms, sent e-mails, called, reported them to the Better Business Bureau and sundry other agencies – yet we still have not received a single issue. I can deal with a fish-less outing – but I learn from my mistakes and you have to know – the next time I go out – I know just what to do so that I will catch fish. I sure wish I could do the same with this ridiculous company! Today is May 18, 2007. I placed and paid for these subscriptions on September 16, 2006. I wonder just how many people they have ripped off since they took me to they stripped my lines! I filled out yet another form today and had to laugh when they asked for a second chance and offered a discount on my next order. What on earth makes them think I would be stupid enough to ever order from them again?????

  16. memimm says:

    I subscribed here Nov. 7, 2006 for 6 magazines, and today is June, 1, 2007. I haven’t received 5 magazines out of 6. You can’t access nor contact the website. They now don’t have phone numbers for customers. Why are they still in biz, so that they can exploit ignorant customers who don’t know about the company?

  17. magsforless says:

    This is Joel Simkhai the owner of MagsForLess.
    Please email me directly at owner@magsforless.com if you have any open issues. I will make sure that your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.



  18. magsforless says:

    This is Joel and I am the owner of MagsForLess. Please email me directly at owner@magsforless.com if you have any open issues. I will make sure that your issue is resolved within one day.


  19. hwerlen1 says:

    As is clear from most comments, I should have informed myself better before ordering from this company (a year later, I have neither the magazines nor my money back). Since Joe, the owner, kindly sent the last two comments, asking anyone with an “issue” to contact him directly, I have done so and will report back on the results of my detailed e-mail to the boss of MagsForLess.