Pizza Chains Embracing the Nirvana That Is Internet Ordering

Sweet mother of god, we love ordering pizza on-line. Chicago’s Pizza, your website got us through our scary hermit phase, our college finals, and several blizzards. Oh, how we love you. Now national pizza chains are catching on to the fact that people want—nay, need to order pizza without talking on the phone. Ah, bliss.

From MSN Money:

    At Papa John’s, Internet orders can be placed for any of the company’s 2,600 pizza parlors from a single Web site, up to 21 days in advance, and revenue from Web orders is expected to more than double this year to more than $200 million.

    Pizza Hut said its online business has also more than doubled in each of the last three years. In contrast to Papa John’s, however, the Yum Brands Inc. unit only offers online orders at about a quarter of its 6,250 U.S. restaurants.

Websites make it easy to take advantage of specials, use coupons and save your favorite pizza orders. Do you hear that, local pizza places? Get a website! —MEGHANN MARCO

Papa John’s looks to Web to boost its share of pie [MSN Money]


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  1. mfergel says:

    I can’t even recall the last time I called Papa John’s to order a pizza. I’ve been using their website for quite awhile now. It’s easier than having to yell over the phone plus I can put it on my charge card right away… muss, no fuss.

  2. PJ’s has had internet ordering since I was a sophomore in college circa 2000. Must be a slow news day over at MSN/Slate.

  3. weave says:

    Waiting for my local Dominos to start this. Some have it, other’s don’t. You’d think it’d be a no-brainer.

    There was a Pizza Hut branch that started online ordering as far back as 1994. (reference:

  4. cindel says:

    I often find that when you order online, your pizza get deliver quicker than placing an order over the phone. Thank you Papa Johns!

  5. MeOhMy says:

    “Do you hear that, local pizza places? Get a website!”

    It doesn’t have to feature online ordering. Frankly, given the cost of a domain name and hosting, there is simply no excuse for any restaurant to not have a website with at least such rudimentary information as address, phone number, hours of operation and perhaps a menu.

  6. Ozyman666 says:

    Tried Papa John’s online for the first time Sunday (had an online-only special). Worked well. Will use again.

  7. kaycee says:

    We don’t have a good local pizza place, unfortunately, so I usually buy from Pizza Hut. I looked at their online coupons, and the prices aren’t as good as what I can get by ordering by phone.

    For example, the online coupon says a large 1-topping pizza is $10.99 in my area. But most local restaurants will sell me a large 1-topping pizza for $8.99 as long as I’m picking it up. Some of the stores are good about offering this price when asked what their best deal is, while at others I have to ask for it. I’ve never been refused, though.

  8. junkmail says:

    Tried the Papa John’s website the other day, and it took ’em two hours to get the pizza here. The franchise location is quite literally, 8 BLOCKS AWAY. It would have been quicker to WALK there and hand-carry the friggin’ pizza home.

    I’m not saying it’s because I ordered online, but let’s just say I won’t be ordering Papa John’s again any time soon.

  9. homerjay says:

    I just started ordering online from Uno’s a couple months ago. There’s one a couple blocks from my office. I don’t even have to get off the phone to order lunch. I just wish they delivered, though its nice not to have to get out of the car to pick it up.

  10. Dustbunny says:

    Order, shmorder. I’m waiting for the technology for an army of pizza-delivering robots so I no longer need any human interaction at all when getting a pizza!

  11. non-meat-stick says:

    too bad you then have to eat pizza from Papa John’s, or god-forbid Domino’s or Pizza-Slut, YEEE-ACK!

  12. jitrobug says:

    my local pizza is so good I’d use morse code to order.

    hell, I’d even drive there.

  13. E-Bell says:

    I like ordering online because there’s less of a chance of them screwing up my order.

    For some reason, the same folks who can’t speak English to me over the phone can read it just fine.

  14. acambras says:

    I like Papa John’s but I’m outside of their delivery area. Which is a shame because when I order pizza, it’s usually because it’s raining or snowing and I don’t feel like going anywhere.

  15. voodoodle says:

    i’ll wait for a pizza ordering widget, thanks

  16. spanishmack says:

    It’s great when you don’t live in a DMZ between two locations and the website can’t get it right. Hopefully they’ll straighten it out someday. At least I found a new local place that has better pizza, but no delivery. :(

  17. x23 says:

    our local Dominos (in alaska) had it for several several years awhile ago. i used it pretty often actually. then inexplicably about 4 years ago it disappeared. never to return again. i order less Dominos since that happened.

    i’ve been waiting for someone locally to do it again. as a list of ingredients with a checkbox is hell of a lot easier to parse than talking to some lady on the phone and asking what they have specifically and not being able to see every current special etc etc etc.

    it’s a waste of my time and their time… but a soulless machine would be vastly preferable.

    though i don’t eat pizza much anymore.