Pizza Chains Embracing the Nirvana That Is Internet Ordering

Sweet mother of god, we love ordering pizza on-line. Chicago’s Pizza, your website got us through our scary hermit phase, our college finals, and several blizzards. Oh, how we love you. Now national pizza chains are catching on to the fact that people want—nay, need to order pizza without talking on the phone. Ah, bliss.

From MSN Money:

    At Papa John’s, Internet orders can be placed for any of the company’s 2,600 pizza parlors from a single Web site, up to 21 days in advance, and revenue from Web orders is expected to more than double this year to more than $200 million.

    Pizza Hut said its online business has also more than doubled in each of the last three years. In contrast to Papa John’s, however, the Yum Brands Inc. unit only offers online orders at about a quarter of its 6,250 U.S. restaurants.

Websites make it easy to take advantage of specials, use coupons and save your favorite pizza orders. Do you hear that, local pizza places? Get a website! —MEGHANN MARCO

Papa John’s looks to Web to boost its share of pie [MSN Money]