Many Unhappy Returns

Mouse Print’s got a roundup of some of the stricter return policies.

SmartBargain’s remind us of the grade school teachers perpetually locking toys in their desk:

    “…items received after the 30-day return period cannot be accepted for a refund, and your package will be returned to you. If we receive the same late return package a second time, we will keep your merchandise and no credit will be issued.”

JC Penney’s could make for interesting cocktail chat among the thrifty and the non.

    “Special Occasion Dresses: must be returned in their original condition with the “return tag” in place.”

Stuff it under the neck with tissue paper around it to disguise the shape, we suppose. &mdash BEN POPKEN

Return Policies: Big Surprises in the Little Print [Mouse Print]


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  1. acambras says:

    Buying a special occasion dress, wearing it to said special occasion, and then trying to return it is just TACKY.

    Long ago, the staff of a formalwear shop in my hometown used to browse the social events pages of the newspaper. Then when women (many of them well-to-do) would try to return a dress, the clerk could whip out the photo from the paper of the woman wearing the dress at last weekend’s charity ball or whatever.

  2. iuubob says:

    Ugh, my lovely bride bought me some fundamentally flawed technology for Christmas, a Sirius Stiletto (that’s an entire post in and unto itself). She bought it through Amazon association with Crutchfield. So much for easy returns. In order to return an item you need to request a return code. Sounds simple, right? No chance. A return code can only be secured via the phone (yeah, I checked it is almost 2007). At this point, 5 minutes – now that’s customer service, UGH!