WABC Looking For Angry Cingular Customers

WABC wants to hear from NYC-area Cingular customers who are against the text-message rate price hike.

Email the producer of WABC-TV 7’s “On Your Side” at wabc7oys@yahoo.com.

They also want to hear from you if you’re against the runaround Cingular gives subscribers trying to cancel over the rate-change. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    The more I read about this, the more I feel that Cingular isn’t 100% wrong here. Yeah, it sucks, and yeah, I can understand people’s desire to screw a company that often screws consumers, but I understand Cingluar’s stance on this situation. Either way, good luck to those who are persuing this.

  2. Sudonum says:

    I look at it this way. If you’re truly outraged that your bill is going increase unjustifiably or if you are unhappy with your Cingular service and have been looking for a way out, this could be it. But don’t be unrealistic and think that everything is going to be all peaches and cream with some other carrier. It’s like I used to tell customers at a hotel I used to work for; “Sir, I’m sure if you checked into that hotel right across the street they’d do everything absolutely perfectly”

  3. planetdaddy says:

    Cingular Office of the President

    404 236-6000

    Dont know the Prez name but this is supposedly his number. I have never used it, but someone whos is hacked off should give it a try.

    Personally I have had Cingular for at least three years and haven’t had any problems. It is a luxery item and costs money. If you can’t afford to text don’t do it. If Unicef gets into the cell phone business I will let everyone know.

  4. lookzgood2me says:

    If you get stuck with a two-year contract with them (including text), then they should honor the same rate you signed at and keep it for the whole two years. It’s not my problem they think they’re missing the boat when it comes to the growth of text messaging and want a bigger piece of the pie. Talk about reneging on a contract.

    Unless I have a variable apr, my fixed mortgage rate stays the same. Why is this any different? And if I want out, I have to pay an ETF that’s not even prorated for all members of a SINGLE family plan? ETF? How about WTF.

  5. Plasmafire says:

    They are way more likely to find people who hate Cingular because of non-stop dropped calls, botched calls, poor network connectivity, and Aolish customer support. If the survery Cingular advertises in all its commercials were done today they would come in dead last, for their massive number of dropped calls, and even calls that fail to connect at all.

  6. wirelesslanai says:

    I hate Cingular like everyone else, but if I use this idea to cancel the contract, I can’t just go month to month can I? Then I’d have to go to another carrier and sign another two year contract. Better to let the contract run out on its own, get your own unlocked phone and NEVER sign another cell phone contract again. Agree with the above comment..Cingular IS worse on the quality issues as much as the customer support ones.