Morning Deals

Nextel: Free 30 Minutes of Talk Time with Nextel

American Apparel: Until Dec 31, get a free pair of Loop Terry Running Shorts when you bring in the January issue of Seventeen or a printout of the homepage.

Buy: Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB MP3 Player / FM Tuner for $27.38 Shipped After Rebate

Highlights From Dealhack

Musician’s Friend: Save 50% Off Gibson ES-335 Guitar
Gamefly: 10-day Free Trial to Play Video Games on Platform of Your Choice
Priceline: Save up to $325 on Three-Night Ski Packages

Highlights From Bargainist

iTunes: Free John Hodgman audiobook download Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) $179.99
Lane Bryant: Up to $50 off


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  1. aka Cat says:

    Hang on. I thought priceline was evil. So you’re listing it the morning deals, why?

  2. I’ve been searching for a new look, and I think those Loop Terry running shorts are it. Thank you, American Apparel!

  3. Ben Popken says:

    CatMoran, because it seems like a good deal.

  4. wreckingcru says:

    Woot has the PS3 today. Just thought that might be interesting.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    It’s sold out already.

  6. wreckingcru says:

    Yep, I just found out on Digg. 4 minutes for 80 PS3s. I guess all those reports I hear about the PS3 not doing as well as the other consoles aren’t *quite* accurate.

  7. hiphopnerd says:

    I got one of the woot ps3’s. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I want it, but I don’t really have the money to spare. My friends are in the same position. Reselling profit is fairly minimal at this point (prob about $50-60), not to mention the hassle of it all.

    I’ve made a huge mistake.

  8. SexCpotatoes says:

    Oh, the Johnathan Hodgeman book is ABRIDGED! I want the whole damn thing for free!