FedEX Loses Vincent Ferrari’s Package

FedEx has no idea where Vincent Ferrari’s package is.

Vincent ordered two scanners from CDW. One arrived, the other didn’t.

When he called FedEx, they said the last info that they had was that the package had left Chicago. They couldn’t provide any more information.

This called was placed around 12:30 PM today. At 2:30PM, FedEx called to say the package was on a ramp at JFK.

vincent: they can’t tell me exactly where it is
vincent: who has it
vincent: OR
vincent: if i’ll even get it today
vincent: I may, but no guarantee
vincent: other than that, the 40+ dollars I paid just got me second day air

When asked how this affected his opinion of FedEx, Vincent said, “I didn’t have a very high opinion of ’em anyway. I like Kinkos over the UPS store, but when it comes to shipping I’ll make sure CDW uses UPS or DHL now. This isn’t the first time Fedex screwed me on a next-day package.” — BEN POPKEN


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