FedEX Loses Vincent Ferrari’s Package

FedEx has no idea where Vincent Ferrari’s package is.

Vincent ordered two scanners from CDW. One arrived, the other didn’t.

When he called FedEx, they said the last info that they had was that the package had left Chicago. They couldn’t provide any more information.

This called was placed around 12:30 PM today. At 2:30PM, FedEx called to say the package was on a ramp at JFK.

vincent: they can’t tell me exactly where it is
vincent: who has it
vincent: OR
vincent: if i’ll even get it today
vincent: I may, but no guarantee
vincent: other than that, the 40+ dollars I paid just got me second day air

When asked how this affected his opinion of FedEx, Vincent said, “I didn’t have a very high opinion of ’em anyway. I like Kinkos over the UPS store, but when it comes to shipping I’ll make sure CDW uses UPS or DHL now. This isn’t the first time Fedex screwed me on a next-day package.” — BEN POPKEN



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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I think they mean “the Next Day we get around to delivering your package.”

  2. velocipenguin says:


    Seriously, though, UPS is the only major carrier I haven’t had any trouble with. FedEx’s residential delivery policies are obnoxious (they kept losing signature waivers, forcing me to drive out to their depot to retrieve every package), and the USPS seems to lose half the items I entrust to them. Don’t even get me started on the joke that is Priority Mail – it once took them two and a half weeks to get a small package from Oregon to Massachusetts. 2-3 days, my ass.

  3. d0x says:

    Well one thing you can do is contact who you bought it from and get a shipping refund…or you can use your mad mic skills and make another phone call and let us here the magic that is Fed-Ex customer service.

    Myself, I’ve never had a problem with either UPS or FedEx, I always get my package when they say I will and I’ve ordered hundreds of things online so if mistakes were somewhat common you would assume one would have hit me by now.

  4. Once I was suing DHL for losing and/or stealing and/or destroying a customer’s shipped boxes of personal items and had to overnight some documents to meet a particular deadline in the case (it’s complicated boring legalese how we ended up so last-minute as to be overnighting, but not important to the story) and so I overnighted them FedEx.

    FedEx lost them. I called in a panic. FedEx kept telling me there was no one in charge of lost packages in the entire organization. Finally I was escalated to someone who understood the concept of “lost package” and he was able to locate it at a FedEx warehouse in Chicago some 10 miles from its final delivery destination. I said, “Great, so you’ll go get it and deliver it today?”

    He said he had no authority to enter the building. I said get me someone who does. Oh, no, nobody has that authority. No one enters the building EVER? Is it a magic building? No, the dead package guys can. Get me a dead package guy. You can’t talk to the dead package guys. Why not? They don’t talk to people. The package is now in the “dead package” system and can’t be removed until it’s been returned to the sender via ground shipment. At that point I lost my shit and said I FEDEXED IMPMORTANT COURT DOCUMENTS SUING YOUR COMPETITOR FOR SHITTY SERVICE OVERNIGHT WITH THE COMPANY THAT BILLS ITSELF AS THE PREMIER SHIPPER FOR THIS TYPE OF BUSINESS AND LEGAL DOCUMENTATION AND THERE IS NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION WHO CAN GO PICK UP A LETTER THAT YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS AND WHERE IT’S GOING AND ACTUALLY FUCKING DELIVER IT??????

    “No, ma’am.”

    “When are you refuding my money then?”

    “Oh, we don’t offer refunds when the customer is at fault.”

    “How am I at fault?”

    “Well, it’s a dead package, ma’am. That means you’re at fault.” Round and round and round and round. I finally overnighted a new set of documents by a local company, with calls to the court and proof of sending it in time in the first place. The FedEx “overnight” shipment wended its way back to me about 12 days later (with the shit kicked out of it, I might add).

    I also almost dropped dead from the irony of FedEx losing my documents suing their competitor for … losing someone’s boxes.

    So now I can’t ship with DHL … I can’t ship with FedEx …

    And then UPS delivered my husband’s computer via the “kick the box across the country” method. It’s very depressing. Apparently none of them feel the need to bother. At least UPS has customer service that, you know, fixes things and accepts responsibility for breakage during shipping.

  5. homerjay says:

    Are we only paying attention to this because its Vincent Ferrari?

  6. YodaYid says:

    Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but awesome headline!

  7. Pelagius says:

    I like the holiday themed crimson font. Can we get some green thrown in for variety?

  8. acambras says:

    Not that FedEx doesn’t suck, but when exactly is the promised delivery deadline? Has it passed or is Vincent jumping the gun?

  9. Vinny says:


    I got a package from CDW this morning that was supposed to be along with this one. It was part of the same shipment, so any deadline is probably moot.

    They just flat out lost it.

  10. Vinny says:

    I paid for 10:30am Next Day Air.

    I called them at 12:30.

    By 2:30, they called me back and couldn’t even guarantee I was getting it TODAY, let alone at the time I paid for.

  11. I hate all delivery services. Fedex delays my packages and UPS kicks the shit out of them and I only use DHL to ship back Xerox stuff for recycling.

    UPS left a box of computer parts on my front porch in the rain and took off. My dog went out the back door to do his thing and came around the front and tore the shit out of the box of parts. Nothing damaged but damn.

    I had four 250 gig hard drives sent to me FedEx at my office, where I spend 40 hrs a week, 5 days a week. FedEx refused to show up during business hours. They kept taking the shit back with them. It took me 10, count ’em TEN days to get my hard drives and that was only after the shipping supervisor for the company called her contact at the FedEx place.

    My friend who is an engineer called DHL and told them they could not pull in the parking lot because it was being paved. There was caution tape and cones up and everything. What does the DHL guy do? You guessed it, drive right through the blacktop and mess everything up, after being called and told not to go into the lot.

    Amazingly enough, the only time stuff doesn’t get messed up is with the USPS, the group of people I used to have the lowest expectations for.

  12. acambras says:

    OK — just asking. You should definitely get a refund since they failed to deliver by the time promised.

    Oh, I just listened to the audio — sorry. It’s painful to listen to the happy computer. BTW, I like the sound effects used to redact the tracking #, phone, and address.

    I know it’s Christmas (how can we forget?) but if somebody pays extra to have shipping expedited, the shipping companies should either honor the deadline or not make the promise in the first place.

    I hope FedEx does right by you, Vincent.

  13. d0x says:

    “I paid for 10:30am Next Day Air.

    I called them at 12:30.

    By 2:30, they called me back and couldn’t even guarantee I was getting it TODAY, let alone at the time I paid for.”

    Welcome to the real world, call and get your money refunded like a normal person would. We understand it sucks, but this story really doesnt deserve the attention its getting and the only reason it is, is because of who you are.

    Packages get lost or delayed every day, I doubt Fed-Ex is trying to screw you.

  14. AcilletaM says:

    I work for a medical supply company that currently uses FedEx and it’s a nightmare dealing with them. Silly requirements for interfacing electronically, lack of internal knowledge of their own system, can’t even meet the terms of the deal they negotiated, certain delivery people can’t deliver residential so they packages need to be treated differently, etc. I’m pretty sure we’ll be switching carriers again in a couple of months. UPS at least was able to do what they said when it came to these things.

    Oh, and we use DHL to ship internally between coporate and salespeople.

  15. Vinny says:

    Dude… Take a damn pill.

    I had a bad consumer experience.

    I recorded the call.

    I shared it with Consumerist.

    WTF does that have to do with who I am?

    I never said Fedex was “trying” to screw me, though they did.

    I will work on getting a refund once I know what the situation is. If I get my package today, I’ll ask for a partial refund. If I get it next week, I want a full refund.

    Now stop being such a belligerent ass. What “attention” is it getting? Being mentioned on here?

    If you’ve got an axe to grind with me, that’s fine, but don’t bitch just because something I recorded ended up on this site.

  16. overstim says:

    On the one hand, sure, this happens every day, hell, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of people dealing with lost packages. And yeah, my first instinct was to say to myself “aww, THIS isn’t news. it’s only up here because it’s good ol’ Vinny F.

    But think about it- FedEx, UPS etc, lose packages every day, and usually they never get called out for it because we don’t take the time to record the calls, and document the transaction, and stand up for our rights.

    As we all know, it only takes ONE well-documented case to cast light on an ongoing problem. Maybe this one boring run-of-the-mill story is the one that finally convinces FexEx to get their shyte together?

    Hah hah, yeah, I know. I almost had MYSELF convinced there, for a sec. But its still worth a shot. Thats why youre all here reading the Consumerist in the first place! So quityerbitchin.

  17. Vinny says:

    Thanks overstim.

  18. scoobydoo says:

    By looking at the title you’d expect “Vinny” to be the grandson of the late Enzo Ferrari, but in reality he’s just another poor schmuck who got his package lost by FedEx. So far 17 of my packages in the past 2 weeks have been delayed, but sadly I’m not a celebrity, nor do I have the skills to record a phone call so I’ll just have to sit here all alone and be sad.

  19. My company has used UPS exclusively for years, then after Nissan required all vendors to switch to FedEx, we have begun using FedEx as well.

    I hate FedEx, they are horribly organized and about the stingiest bastards I have ever dealt with. After the experience of having to deal with FedEx for my company, I will never deal with them in my personal life.

  20. natemc says:

    Get a refund as you are entitled to it or a partial if a package is delivered more than 30 minutes after the guaranteed delivery time.

    Do realize that EVERY shipping company loses a package, it’s just something that happens and it’s built into their price of doing business.

    No one ever intends to lose a package but it just happens.

  21. Meg Marco says:

    “Get me a dead package guy. You can’t talk to the dead package guys. Why not? They don’t talk to people.”

    Maybe the CSR was being literal about the “dead package guys.”

  22. d0x says:

    “If you’ve got an axe to grind with me, that’s fine, but don’t bitch just because something I recorded ended up on this site.”

    I have no axe to grind with you, and i enjoyed your phone call with AOL but lets be honest here..a package wasnt delivered. Not the end of the world and really not something this site needs to be reporting on. Maybe if weeks go by and there is no delivery and you get screwed out of your money then there will be a story.

    This happens everyday to 1000’s of people and they deal with it, they dont hop on a blog and try to make a big fuss.

    I fail to see how stating my opinion on the matter makes me an ass or belligerent but if thats the way you feel..more power to you. The reason i cited your phone call was I highly doubt anyone but you would get on here for something so simple and common.

    One time my newspaper didnt get delivered and the publisher didnt know where the paper boy or my paper was! Worst of all it was the Sunday edition and im a prepaid customer!

  23. Smashville says:

    I lost my package once…then I pulled out…

    High Five!

    Seriously…FedEx sucks.

  24. Ben Popken says:

    If anyone, regardless of fame, records their customer service call and sends it to us, there is a very high likelihood we will post it.

  25. homerjay says:

    Okay, thats it. My next bitter arguement with Paypal is getting recorded. I wish I recorded the last one!

  26. Vinny says:

    Well gee, Dox, I guess Ben just proved you wrong.

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

  27. john_nyc says:

    This really must be news only because it was Vincent Ferrari’s package. This kind of thing has happened to me so many times that it would take considerable effort for me to even remember them all.

    It ranges from UPS magically changing a mixer into a box of newspapers to FedEx losing a 24″ LCD monitor on the way to the origin location (but delivering it anyway) to the USPS claiming that they lost track of a package going from MA to NYC because the plane hadn’t landed yet (after 3 days). Then there was the time that the UPS driver left my package on the shipper’s loading dock, along with a bunch of other packages. Don’t forget about the time I shipped some documents FedEx morning delivery and the driver attempted to deliver it to an office building at 6:30AM. He entered an “unable to deliver” exception and then finally got around to making another attempt after lunch.

    Maybe the next shipping related article should be about a package that was actually delivered within the carrier’s commitment.

  28. cynicalgeekgirl says:

    Of all the gifts I purchased online this year, only one shipper sent my item out via FedEx. Guess which item didn’t get delivered properly?

    It was something I’d gotten from Woot for my mother. The tracking said it would be delivered on 12/18. On 12/19 I was out of work sick. I came in on 12/20 and had a message from someone named Megan (no, really) who had my package from Woot. I called Megan back but got voicemail. Thinking I’d better get FedEx to pick it up and redeliver, I called them and spoke to a rep who very politely apologized for the problem and said she was scheduling a courier to pick the package back up from Megan.

    So imagine my surprise when Jason, a roommate of Megan’s boyfriend (I think), called several hours later to let me know that he *still* had my damn package, because their FedEx courier had refused to take it back!

    While the original error was understandable–Jason had bought 3 of the same item as I had from Woot, and the courier delivered all 4 aboard his truck together–the lack of communication that led the second courier to refuse to pick up my box was completely obnoxious.

    Fortunately, Jason is a swell guy. He delivered my package to my office himself, since it was only a few minutes’ drive away from where he was. Thanks to Megan and Jason for freeing me from further exasperation with FedEx.

    Oh, and I worked in a FedEx call center for a short time. I would not wish that job on my worst enemy.

  29. levenhopper says:

    …he won’t get a refund b/c they (fedex, ups, usps, dhl) all have things in their contracts that allow for extra time during the holidays.

  30. “Maybe the CSR was being literal about the “dead package guys.””

    Entirely possible. I just assumed they’d all had their tongues cut out just to make customer service suck more.

  31. Crim Law Geek says:

    With regard to FedEx deliveries to residential locations, I think it is partly due to the Balkanization of the FedEx system that occurred with its (somewhat) recent mergers and expansions For example, a large chunk of its residential packages (apparently any small package with 1-5 day delivery) is handled by FedEx Ground (purple and green trucks). These used to be run by RPS, whose drivers where independent contractor. These IC’s where retained by FedEx and made into FedEx Ground when FedEx gobbled up RPS.

    Basically, it is very possible that the guy who delivers your package does _not_ work for FedEx, and is somewhat less accountable (whereas the guy who delivered FedEx packages to you before the merger was a FedEx employee). It seems that having lots of independent contractors has created problems for FedEx’s systems.

    I don’t know if it is still the case (it very well could be), but the Balkanization spread to FedEx’s internal systems. I don’t do much fancy shipping, but I have had the experience of being told to call a different number because my package was being sent FedEx Ground and not FedEx Express. I do know that a few weeks ago my mom had trouble sending a package because her account allowed her to send stuff Ground and Express, but not Freight.

    IMHO FedEx needs to unify their various “brands” back into good ol’ FedEx. The customer should not have to know or give a rat’s ass whether his package was sent FedEx Ground or FedEx Express or FedEx SlowboatThroughAlbania. I want my stuff to get from Point A to Point B. It is not my problem that 3 day means it needs to go through E. Bumblefuck instead of W. Bumblefuck, and that your policy does not allow you to tell me why W. Bumblefuck can’t find my package. I just want my package to get there when you promised.

  32. FLConsumer says:

    Hmm.. I’ve had my best luck with Fedex, USPS tends to lose packages and has no decent tracking system in place, while UPS does a great job of damaging my packages, to the point that I wonder if they use them as step stools for elephants.

    Actually, I’m surprised to see FedEx of all places lose a package, as they normally have the best tracking system out of the three aforementioned carriers.

    thirdgen: If you think FedEx Residential is bad, try dealing with the DHL->USPS setup, where DHL does the cross-country work, then hands it off to the USPS for local delivery. God help you if your package gets lost here.

  33. Avenestra says:

    Dec 18th was FedEx’s busiest day of the year with approximately 8.9 million packages going through the system on that day. Even with FedEx’s stellar 99% on time rate, there’s 89,000 packages that are going to be late. Taken alone, 89,000 late or lost packages is a lot of packages. Taken in context of 1% of 8.9 million packages, I’d say FedEx is doing a great job.

    Vinny, jumping on a poster who disagrees with you about the importance of your package being late doesn’t come across really well. Accept that there are dissenting opinions and take it like a gentleman.

  34. MeOhMy says:

    “Don’t even get me started on the joke that is Priority Mail – it once took them two and a half weeks to get a small package from Oregon to Massachusetts. 2-3 days, my ass.”

    Priority Mail isn’t guaranteed 2-3 days. If you read the fine print, they say it can take up to a month. That said, they do hit the 2-3 day mark a good bit of the time, and you really can’t beat the price.

    I don’t mind FedEx except for their intentionally delaying packages and then lying about it. If I order something from a place that’s 100 miles away using FedEx Ground, it will arrive the next day. Now if they want to say “We will not deliver ground packages the next day even if they arrive at the destination facility,” that’s their business. I didn’t pay for next day service, so I won’t bitch if it doesn’t come the next day because that’s the way it goes.

    Instead, they claim they attempted delivery but the office was closed (at 4PM). Or no one was available to sign (someone always is available to sign). Basically the driver notices it’s a ground package that came too fast and just picks a reason code at random and puts it back on the truck.

  35. SexCpotatoes says:

    Calm down, this could be as simple as the TRUCK being loaded wrong and the two packages weren’t placed together. Did the boxes say “box 1 of 2!” on them? If not, maybe the delivery guy didn’t know to look for it. The packages were not attached to each other, so there’s a great chance it could’ve simply been “accidentally” overlooked. I know it’s Christmas, but, if you are ordering last minute, there is no guarantee that your package will make it in time. Shop earlier!

    Actually, I’m guilty of this too, ordering a Guitar last minute for my nephew (that required overnighting) from Musician’s friend, but tracking seems to be right on for it now, out for delivery, hell it could be out on my porch right now, I haven’t crutched my ass out there to check yet. If it hasn’t gotten here in time for christmas, I would call the place that sold it to me, and ask them to eat the cost of shipping, as Musician’s Friend had a big ad on their website that it’s not too late for christmas delivery, have it overnighted.

  36. Vinny says:

    I know it’s Christmas, but, if you are ordering last minute, there is no guarantee that your package will make it in time. Shop earlier

    It’s not a gift. It’s office equipment needed for one of my retail stores to replace equipment that died.

  37. SexCpotatoes says:

    Ah, sorry, I guess I’m the one I should be admonishing. Good luck getting your equipment, sorry for the assumption.

  38. Vinny says:

    Apology accepted ;-)

  39. thirdgen, you are very spot on with fedex. I have made all my packages get delivered to work, where they know me, and we make sure to take care of the fedex/ups people.

    and good luck vinny – getting work done this time of year sucks balls.

  40. acambras says:

    I waited until this past Tuesday to order a toy for my niece and I ended up coughing up an extra $15 to Amazon for 2-day shipping (the cheapest way to guarantee it by Christmas). I know — my fault for waiting so late. Call the $15 a Procrastinator Tax.

    I was kind of hoping UPS would screw up and fail to deliver it on time so that I’d have a case for getting my $15 back, but alas, the toy arrived yesterday.

  41. feralparakeet says:

    SCP, I TOLD you to order it sooner. But noooo, you had to do that whole ‘looking around for another 30 minutes’ thing. At least you did overnight it.

    That said… I absolutely will not use FedEx unless I have no other viable options. If a merchant uses only FedEx, I’ll look for another one to buy an item from.

    Why? Because while UPS will deliver a package as soon as it arrives in your general area at their shipping-hub-warehouse-thingay, FedEx won’t. They’ll hold on to it for 3, 4, even 5 days – they absolutely will not put your package on the truck until the ‘scheduled delivery date’. They won’t let you pick up your own package at said shipping-hub-warehouse-thingay, either. They’re rude about it, too. So while I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal to have a package shipped ground from Atlanta to my house about 90 minutes away, no need to have it shipped 2-day or overnight… wow, was I wrong.

    Now, before anyone says anything about my not just going to Atlanta for said item… it would take a hell of a lot more than a couple of new pieces of cheap computer hardware to get me to set foot in Atlanta. Like being chased by plague-infested rodents and a super-hive of pissed off hornets. Nothing good ever happens in Atlanta. But I digress.

    I suppose that waiting a few extra days for FedEx to deliver a package when they decide they feel like it is fine for some seriously anal-retentive people who enjoy scheduling their lives around the FedEx guy, but I’m home the vast majority of the time and I have absolutely no patience. UPS delivers my packages as soon as they can, they are polite and courteous, and if they deliver a damaged package, they’ve always been willing to work in conjunction with the merchant in order to work out an acceptable plan for an exchange and/or refund (sometimes at their own cost). Seriously, I’ve never had a situation with UPS that was not resolved to my satisfaction. And what situations I’ve had were so few and far between that I rarely even think of them.

    Plus the UPS guys are usually a whole hell of a lot hotter than the FedEx guys. And they’ve got that whole scientific management retro-thing going. Sexay.

  42. E-Bell says:

    Who the hell is Vincent Ferrari?

  43. mrpanitz says:

    I work for fedexkinkos and would like to
    rebuttal some comments please
    thank you

  44. ViperBorg says:

    @E-Bell: Google is your friend.
    @mrpanitz: Go for it.