Wrap Your Windows For Winter

Unless you live in a small dark closet like the one they made Harry Potter sleep in, you have windows and you’ll probably want to insulate them. Here’s a video from Curbly explaining just how to do it. Enjoy. —MEGHANN MARCO

Shrink Wrap Your Windows For Winter [Curbly]


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  1. acambras says:

    This stuff is GREAT. We wrapped our windows last year and the differences (financially and comfortwise) were definitely noticeable. And it’s not difficult. You can get the kits at Lowe’s or Home Depot (if you’re not afraid of vulgarity-spewing managers).

  2. homerjay says:

    I did this last year and it was a lot of work. I did it on the inside though.

  3. alicetheowl says:

    Wrapping your windows on the inside seems to work just as well as the outside. Where it’s a problem is if you have cats, or anything that rests on the windowsill that might need taking off said windowsill. My husband and I have three indoor cats, and we shrink-wrap our windows. We use the hair dryer to shrink it, though, which seems faster than tightening it by hand.

    And the difference in warmth is quite noticeable, especially in our living room.

  4. hoosier45678 says:

    Those kits seem needlessly expensive. I did the math in a store and decided it would take about $40-60 to do my house with them. Instead, I’m going to try banding film/stretch wrap around the insides of the windows.

  5. acambras says:

    Oh, now I’m just watching the damn video (I know…lazy). We didn’t fool with going outside to wrap our windows (2nd floor apartment). The boyfriend got the kits at Home Depot or Lowes and we did the windows from the inside. It involves securing the plastic with double-sided tape and then shrinking with a hairdryer. I wasn’t there when he bought the kits so I don’t know how much they cost, but i’m sure if it was $40-60, I would have heard about it. ;-)

    Anyway, he felt like the expense and trouble was definitely worth it for us and that it’s worth doing again this winter.

  6. MonkeyMonk says:

    To those who have done this: How’s the clean-up in the spring. Does the double-sided residue leave a sticky film around the edges of your window?

  7. Katie says:

    MonkeyMonk – any particularly sticky residue that doesn’t come right up can be cleaned up quickly with GooGone or Zippo lighter fluid. I don’t think it gets too bad, and is worth the little extra effort to clean up in the spring because the difference it makes is noticable.

    Like acambras, we use a hair dryer, too. It seems to go a little more quickly in our experience.

  8. hoosier45678 says:

    This kit at Ace will do 200 linear inches, or 5 3×5 windows. My modest 3 br has 5 3×6 in the LR, 2 4x3s in the bedrooms, a 6×6 slider in the master, 2 2x4s in the kitchen and 2 3x5s in the basement. The non-bedroom windows are 2 part windows, so there’s also a gap in the middle that also must be plugged. I add that up to 223 linear feet, or 2676 inches, requiring 14 kits. That said, there are probably cheaper, bigger kits that are more cost effective for a whole house. On the other hand, maybe my banding film won’t work without double sided tape, so I might have to add that to the expenses.

  9. hoosier45678 says:

    change of plans… the stretch wrap didn’t work at all!!!

  10. snowferret says:

    Theres an episode of the Rick Mercer report where he takes Paul Martin to Canadian Tire and they winterproof the windows at 24 sussex. CRazy stuff. You would never see John Stuart with Bush in Walmart or something.

    sorry about the bad quality but its youtube, what can you expect?