Sabotage! AT&T Claims Time-Warner is Cutting Their Cables

“AT&T filed a lawsuit Dec. 8 in a district court in Bexar County, Texas, against Time Warner Cable’s San Antonio division, alleging that the cable operator engaged in “a methodical invasion of facilities owned, operated and controlled by AT&T Texas” while installing voice service at apartments and other multiple-dwelling units in and around the city. In its lawsuit against Time Warner Cable in San Antonio, AT&T alleges that: “Cable technicians trespassed on AT&T facilities and cut or disconnected wires in network interface devices.”

Oh you diabolical bastards! Does Time Warner deny this alleged chicanery? Oh, not at all. “Time Warner Cable “acknowledged” the practice and “assured” AT&T it would take steps to discontinue the wire cuts.” God, AT&T, you just had to ask them to stop cutting your cables, you didn’t need to get all litigious about it. Get a sense of humor, already! —MEGHANN MARCO

AT&T Claims Sabotage by Cabler[Broadcast Newsroom]

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