Comcast Declares Reader’s House Nonexistent

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According to Comcast, reader Peter's house does not exist.

According to Comcast, reader Peter’s house does not exist.

Comcast can’t find the address in their system, so Eric can’t get cable installed to his new house. Eric called his local Comcast office and asked for his address to be added. The office said they would weeks ago, but still haven’t.

When Eric complains to the rep in the chat transcript after the jump, the rep said, ” The more that you complain at the local office they will add your address to our system.”

Matthew.16753 > Do you have any other questions that are not related to this issue?
comcast_guest > maybe give me verizon’s number?
Matthew.16753 > You can find that in your local phone directory or via their website.
Matthew.16753 > Are there any other questions?

Eric, don’t threaten to go with Verizon, instead, go with Verizon….

    “chat id : sales_SQ_a1082f5f-8b53-46e4-96d5-1867fd882d8d
    Problem :

    Kevin > Hello.Thank you for choosing Comcast! My name is Kevin and I will be processing your order. This will take a few minutes so feel free to ask questions while I process your order

    comcast_guest > ok

    comcast_guest > but let me guess…you can’t find my address?

    Kevin > Not yet, but i’m still searching

    comcast_guest > this is the 4th time i’ve been through this process, even speaking with the call center supervious here in DC and i’ve been promised that my address will be in the database

    comcast_guest > nothing?

    Kevin > I still have some other search methods to try, one moment.

    Kevin > I have a ****xxxxx avenue nw, but nothing under xxxxx terrace.

    comcast_guest > nope. xxxxx terrace is my address

    comcast_guest > i don’t understand why this is so difficult for comcast

    Kevin > The xxxxx avenue is an active account anyways, so that’s no help

    comcast_guest > i’ve chatted 3 times. called 4 times

    comcast_guest > it’s not an active account, i just moved there

    Kevin > I’m sorry, I can understand how that would be very frustrating.

    comcast_guest > yeah….it is….i’ve been trying for two weeks to get service

    comcast_guest > so here’s the deal…if this isn’t remedied today, i’m going with verizn

    comcast_guest > and i’ll forward all of the chat transcripts to customer service highlighting why

    Kevin > If i had any recourse, i assure you i would set you up immediately Eric.

    comcast_guest > my address is, again, ****xxxxx TERRACE NW WASHINGTON DC xxxxxx

    comcast_guest > well…who does have recourse? apparently no one

    comcast_guest > i’ve called the local office several times, the supervisor there is John Williams

    comcast_guest > he promises me he’ll return my calls and never does

    comcast_guest > i’ve called 1800 Comcast….they have no clue

    comcast_guest > and now i’m hearing you have no recourse either

    comcast_guest > so….basically, you guys can’t do anything to get me service, right? the buck keeps passing?

    Kevin > That’s just not right. If you’ll allow me a moment longer i will look into this further.

    comcast_guest > i really appreciate that. thanks

    Kevin > I don’t mean to pass the buck though, I can see that won’t help matters.

    comcast_guest > yeah, it won’t

    Kevin > I’m speaking with my support staff to see if they’ve had this occur before and if so, how to remedy it.

    comcast_guest > okay. thanks.

    comcast_guest > but just so you know…the last time i chatted, they were able to find my address, only to tell me to go down to the local office with a copy of my lease….when i got down there, they told me they couldn’t find my address and to wait 24-48 hours when they would call me back. this was 7 days ago

    comcast_guest > i don’t know about you, but NE DC isn’t a place i like to frequent too often….this has been a ridiculous ordeal, one that should be taught in your customer service classes, and i’ve been patient enough

    comcast_guest > so….i would like this resolved today

    Kevin > You have been very patient.

    Kevin > I will remedy the situation if at all possible. I am working with my support staff still as we speak.

    comcast_guest > great, thanks

    Kevin > Ok then Eric, My support staff is telling me to transfer you to them, they are very good at what they do and if this can be solved by anyone, i believe it’s them.

    comcast_guest > okay, great, thanks

    comcast_guest > i appreciate you being straightforward

    Kevin > But if you are unsatisfied, my employee number is 66461.

    Kevin > Ok, i hope this work for you.

    comcast_guest > thanks

    Kevin > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

    David > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

    comcast_guest > okay….

    Matthew.16753 > Thank you for choosing Comcast, my name is Matthew and I will be processing your order today.

    comcast_guest > okay…i trust you’ve been briefed on all of this mess?

    Matthew.16753 > Hello Eric.

    comcast_guest > hi

    Matthew.16753 > I have reviewed the transcript with the previous agent and do apologize but if we cannot locate the address online then you need to contact us by phone and speak with the local office in the area.

    Matthew.16753 > You can find your local office information on your Comcast billing statement.
    If you do not have a statement you can locate your local office please click on the following link and entering in your address and zip code:

    comcast_guest > ha!

    comcast_guest > i’ve seen this before, like three times

    comcast_guest > and i’ve gone to the local office

    comcast_guest > and they couldn’t find my address either

    comcast_guest > and i was told to wait 48 hours and it would be in there

    comcast_guest > but it’s now been 7 days and NO ONE at comcast seems to know how to fix this

    comcast_guest > not even the call center supervisor can help me

    Matthew.16753 > If the local office cannot find the address then it could be possible that the address is not serviceable.

    comcast_guest > and i’ll be damned if i’m going down to the local office in NE DC again, just to have them tell me that they can’t find my address again

    comcast_guest > it is serviceable because you’ve also told me that the account is still active (yet another excuse i’ve been hearing)

    comcast_guest > so….no remedy today again, that’s what i’m hearing right?

    comcast_guest > just making sure before i forward this transcript to the customer service supervisor

    comcast_guest > i’ve done everything that everyone at comcast has told me to do, and you guys still can’t get this right

    Matthew.16753 > I looked through the system and cannot locate the address. Is this a rental?

    comcast_guest > it is a house. i am renting it. the address, for the 100th time is ****xxxxx TERRACE NW WASHINGTON DC 20011

    comcast_guest > not xxxxx avenue…xxxxx terrace

    comcast_guest > i’ve spoken with John Williams at the DC office…his number is 301-625-3500, option 1, extension 7731

    comcast_guest > he won’t return calls and it’s been a week

    Matthew.16753 > I have looked into that for you and unfortunately I am unable to locate the address in our system. If there is a existing customer still there, if you can get the account number it would better assist us online.

    Matthew.16753 > I do apologize for your frustrations.

    comcast_guest > i’ve gone to the local office, called the local office, called 1800 comcast, chatted with you guys 4 times and i hear something different everytime

    comcast_guest > apologies aren’t gonna cut it

    comcast_guest > i shouldn’t have to provide you with account numbers that you should have

    Matthew.16753 > At this time since I cannot locate the address the only option that I can provide to you is to call in.

    Matthew.16753 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?

    comcast_guest > call in where this time? the places i’ve already called?

    comcast_guest > unbelievable

    comcast_guest > umm….are you gonna be able to get my service installed?

    comcast_guest > no?

    comcast_guest > then probably not

    comcast_guest > this is a joke

    comcast_guest > why tell me to call a local office when i’ve told you that i’ve already done that and even visited them?

    comcast_guest > have you not been listening to me?

    comcast_guest > HELLLLOOOOO?

    Matthew.16753 > Eric, if I could locate your address in our system I would be more than willing to complete this order and get the service installed for you. Since I am unable to locate the address in our system the local office needs to create what is called a shell account that we online can then add services too.

    Matthew.16753 > Without the shell account, we cannot process the orders online.

    comcast_guest > i was told that would be done a week ago

    comcast_guest > i don’t need excuses and internal reasons

    comcast_guest > i just need the freakin’ service

    comcast_guest > you’re telling me about your database and shell accounts, i could care less

    Matthew.16753 > I understand that you need the service but at this time there is nothing else that we can do for you online.

    Matthew.16753 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?

    comcast_guest > i’ve given you my address about 20 times now

    comcast_guest > yeah, not ask me another canned question like that and perhaps call the right person to get my service set up, because apparently me doing it doesn’t work

    Matthew.16753 > I have looked for your address in our system and it is not showing up. Since the address is not showing you will need to call in.

    Matthew.16753 > There is nothing else that I can do for you today.

    comcast_guest > take some personal ownership of this perhaps?

    comcast_guest > I HAVE CALLED IN!!!!!!!

    Matthew.16753 > I am doing the best that I can do for you.

    comcast_guest > UM, you’re joking right

    Matthew.16753 > That is all you can do is call and get them to add the address.

    Matthew.16753 > I am not joking.

    Matthew.16753 > I am doing everything that I can for you.

    comcast_guest > can’t find your address….can’t help you…..yeah, thanks for the bang up job there buddy

    comcast_guest > i’ve called the local office, they’ve assured me the address would be added….it hasn’t

    comcast_guest > so I have to call and bitch at them right? you’re making this the customer’s problem rather than your’s?

    comcast_guest > just so we’re certain….cause i’m ready to send this to the right people at comcast customer service

    Matthew.16753 > The more that you complain at the local office they will add your address to our system.

    comcast_guest > so, complain more? that’s your method for getting a response from comcast?

    comcast_guest > this is hilarious

    Matthew.16753 > Or at least see why the address cannot be added.

    comcast_guest > you guys can’t be proactive about it? it’s up to me to complain?

    comcast_guest > you can’t find out why? i have to do the problem solving for you?

    comcast_guest > just so we’re clear

    comcast_guest > this is obvioulsy above your capacity to remedy, i understand that, and that’s sad

    Matthew.16753 > All I can do for you is look up the address and complete the order if the address is available.

    comcast_guest > yeah yeah….no address….my fault apparently

    Matthew.16753 > Since we cannot complete this order for you online you have to either call in or go into the office. Since you have already done both, then there is nothing else that I can do for you.

    comcast_guest > i’m done here….this has already wasted another hour of my damn time

    Matthew.16753 > Do you have any other questions that are not related to this issue?

    comcast_guest > maybe give me verizon’s number?

    Matthew.16753 > You can find that in your local phone directory or via their website.

    Matthew.16753 > Are there any other questions?

    comcast_guest > haha! this is comedic gold

    Matthew.16753 > Customer has closed chat and left the room

    Matthew.16753 > Feel free to chat back with us any time, or you can also call us at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278). Please note, you can print or save a copy of this chat by clicking on the Transcript button at the end of the chat as a confirmation of your order. If you need additional assistance you can find product support information on our Web site at Thank you for contacting Comcast. Have a great day.”


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