Comcast Declares Reader’s House Nonexistent

According to Comcast, reader Peter’s house does not exist.

Comcast can’t find the address in their system, so Eric can’t get cable installed to his new house. Eric called his local Comcast office and asked for his address to be added. The office said they would weeks ago, but still haven’t.

When Eric complains to the rep in the chat transcript after the jump, the rep said, ” The more that you complain at the local office they will add your address to our system.”

Matthew.16753 > Do you have any other questions that are not related to this issue?
comcast_guest > maybe give me verizon’s number?
Matthew.16753 > You can find that in your local phone directory or via their website.
Matthew.16753 > Are there any other questions?

Eric, don’t threaten to go with Verizon, instead, go with Verizon….

    “chat id : sales_SQ_a1082f5f-8b53-46e4-96d5-1867fd882d8d
    Problem :

    Kevin > Hello.Thank you for choosing Comcast! My name is Kevin and I will be processing your order. This will take a few minutes so feel free to ask questions while I process your order

    comcast_guest > ok

    comcast_guest > but let me guess…you can’t find my address?

    Kevin > Not yet, but i’m still searching

    comcast_guest > this is the 4th time i’ve been through this process, even speaking with the call center supervious here in DC and i’ve been promised that my address will be in the database

    comcast_guest > nothing?

    Kevin > I still have some other search methods to try, one moment.

    Kevin > I have a ****xxxxx avenue nw, but nothing under xxxxx terrace.

    comcast_guest > nope. xxxxx terrace is my address

    comcast_guest > i don’t understand why this is so difficult for comcast

    Kevin > The xxxxx avenue is an active account anyways, so that’s no help

    comcast_guest > i’ve chatted 3 times. called 4 times

    comcast_guest > it’s not an active account, i just moved there

    Kevin > I’m sorry, I can understand how that would be very frustrating.

    comcast_guest > yeah….it is….i’ve been trying for two weeks to get service

    comcast_guest > so here’s the deal…if this isn’t remedied today, i’m going with verizn

    comcast_guest > and i’ll forward all of the chat transcripts to customer service highlighting why

    Kevin > If i had any recourse, i assure you i would set you up immediately Eric.

    comcast_guest > my address is, again, ****xxxxx TERRACE NW WASHINGTON DC xxxxxx

    comcast_guest > well…who does have recourse? apparently no one

    comcast_guest > i’ve called the local office several times, the supervisor there is John Williams

    comcast_guest > he promises me he’ll return my calls and never does

    comcast_guest > i’ve called 1800 Comcast….they have no clue

    comcast_guest > and now i’m hearing you have no recourse either

    comcast_guest > so….basically, you guys can’t do anything to get me service, right? the buck keeps passing?

    Kevin > That’s just not right. If you’ll allow me a moment longer i will look into this further.

    comcast_guest > i really appreciate that. thanks

    Kevin > I don’t mean to pass the buck though, I can see that won’t help matters.

    comcast_guest > yeah, it won’t

    Kevin > I’m speaking with my support staff to see if they’ve had this occur before and if so, how to remedy it.

    comcast_guest > okay. thanks.

    comcast_guest > but just so you know…the last time i chatted, they were able to find my address, only to tell me to go down to the local office with a copy of my lease….when i got down there, they told me they couldn’t find my address and to wait 24-48 hours when they would call me back. this was 7 days ago

    comcast_guest > i don’t know about you, but NE DC isn’t a place i like to frequent too often….this has been a ridiculous ordeal, one that should be taught in your customer service classes, and i’ve been patient enough

    comcast_guest > so….i would like this resolved today

    Kevin > You have been very patient.

    Kevin > I will remedy the situation if at all possible. I am working with my support staff still as we speak.

    comcast_guest > great, thanks

    Kevin > Ok then Eric, My support staff is telling me to transfer you to them, they are very good at what they do and if this can be solved by anyone, i believe it’s them.

    comcast_guest > okay, great, thanks

    comcast_guest > i appreciate you being straightforward

    Kevin > But if you are unsatisfied, my employee number is 66461.

    Kevin > Ok, i hope this work for you.

    comcast_guest > thanks

    Kevin > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

    David > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

    comcast_guest > okay….

    Matthew.16753 > Thank you for choosing Comcast, my name is Matthew and I will be processing your order today.

    comcast_guest > okay…i trust you’ve been briefed on all of this mess?

    Matthew.16753 > Hello Eric.

    comcast_guest > hi

    Matthew.16753 > I have reviewed the transcript with the previous agent and do apologize but if we cannot locate the address online then you need to contact us by phone and speak with the local office in the area.

    Matthew.16753 > You can find your local office information on your Comcast billing statement.
    If you do not have a statement you can locate your local office please click on the following link and entering in your address and zip code:

    comcast_guest > ha!

    comcast_guest > i’ve seen this before, like three times

    comcast_guest > and i’ve gone to the local office

    comcast_guest > and they couldn’t find my address either

    comcast_guest > and i was told to wait 48 hours and it would be in there

    comcast_guest > but it’s now been 7 days and NO ONE at comcast seems to know how to fix this

    comcast_guest > not even the call center supervisor can help me

    Matthew.16753 > If the local office cannot find the address then it could be possible that the address is not serviceable.

    comcast_guest > and i’ll be damned if i’m going down to the local office in NE DC again, just to have them tell me that they can’t find my address again

    comcast_guest > it is serviceable because you’ve also told me that the account is still active (yet another excuse i’ve been hearing)

    comcast_guest > so….no remedy today again, that’s what i’m hearing right?

    comcast_guest > just making sure before i forward this transcript to the customer service supervisor

    comcast_guest > i’ve done everything that everyone at comcast has told me to do, and you guys still can’t get this right

    Matthew.16753 > I looked through the system and cannot locate the address. Is this a rental?

    comcast_guest > it is a house. i am renting it. the address, for the 100th time is ****xxxxx TERRACE NW WASHINGTON DC 20011

    comcast_guest > not xxxxx avenue…xxxxx terrace

    comcast_guest > i’ve spoken with John Williams at the DC office…his number is 301-625-3500, option 1, extension 7731

    comcast_guest > he won’t return calls and it’s been a week

    Matthew.16753 > I have looked into that for you and unfortunately I am unable to locate the address in our system. If there is a existing customer still there, if you can get the account number it would better assist us online.

    Matthew.16753 > I do apologize for your frustrations.

    comcast_guest > i’ve gone to the local office, called the local office, called 1800 comcast, chatted with you guys 4 times and i hear something different everytime

    comcast_guest > apologies aren’t gonna cut it

    comcast_guest > i shouldn’t have to provide you with account numbers that you should have

    Matthew.16753 > At this time since I cannot locate the address the only option that I can provide to you is to call in.

    Matthew.16753 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?

    comcast_guest > call in where this time? the places i’ve already called?

    comcast_guest > unbelievable

    comcast_guest > umm….are you gonna be able to get my service installed?

    comcast_guest > no?

    comcast_guest > then probably not

    comcast_guest > this is a joke

    comcast_guest > why tell me to call a local office when i’ve told you that i’ve already done that and even visited them?

    comcast_guest > have you not been listening to me?

    comcast_guest > HELLLLOOOOO?

    Matthew.16753 > Eric, if I could locate your address in our system I would be more than willing to complete this order and get the service installed for you. Since I am unable to locate the address in our system the local office needs to create what is called a shell account that we online can then add services too.

    Matthew.16753 > Without the shell account, we cannot process the orders online.

    comcast_guest > i was told that would be done a week ago

    comcast_guest > i don’t need excuses and internal reasons

    comcast_guest > i just need the freakin’ service

    comcast_guest > you’re telling me about your database and shell accounts, i could care less

    Matthew.16753 > I understand that you need the service but at this time there is nothing else that we can do for you online.

    Matthew.16753 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?

    comcast_guest > i’ve given you my address about 20 times now

    comcast_guest > yeah, not ask me another canned question like that and perhaps call the right person to get my service set up, because apparently me doing it doesn’t work

    Matthew.16753 > I have looked for your address in our system and it is not showing up. Since the address is not showing you will need to call in.

    Matthew.16753 > There is nothing else that I can do for you today.

    comcast_guest > take some personal ownership of this perhaps?

    comcast_guest > I HAVE CALLED IN!!!!!!!

    Matthew.16753 > I am doing the best that I can do for you.

    comcast_guest > UM, you’re joking right

    Matthew.16753 > That is all you can do is call and get them to add the address.

    Matthew.16753 > I am not joking.

    Matthew.16753 > I am doing everything that I can for you.

    comcast_guest > can’t find your address….can’t help you…..yeah, thanks for the bang up job there buddy

    comcast_guest > i’ve called the local office, they’ve assured me the address would be added….it hasn’t

    comcast_guest > so I have to call and bitch at them right? you’re making this the customer’s problem rather than your’s?

    comcast_guest > just so we’re certain….cause i’m ready to send this to the right people at comcast customer service

    Matthew.16753 > The more that you complain at the local office they will add your address to our system.

    comcast_guest > so, complain more? that’s your method for getting a response from comcast?

    comcast_guest > this is hilarious

    Matthew.16753 > Or at least see why the address cannot be added.

    comcast_guest > you guys can’t be proactive about it? it’s up to me to complain?

    comcast_guest > you can’t find out why? i have to do the problem solving for you?

    comcast_guest > just so we’re clear

    comcast_guest > this is obvioulsy above your capacity to remedy, i understand that, and that’s sad

    Matthew.16753 > All I can do for you is look up the address and complete the order if the address is available.

    comcast_guest > yeah yeah….no address….my fault apparently

    Matthew.16753 > Since we cannot complete this order for you online you have to either call in or go into the office. Since you have already done both, then there is nothing else that I can do for you.

    comcast_guest > i’m done here….this has already wasted another hour of my damn time

    Matthew.16753 > Do you have any other questions that are not related to this issue?

    comcast_guest > maybe give me verizon’s number?

    Matthew.16753 > You can find that in your local phone directory or via their website.

    Matthew.16753 > Are there any other questions?

    comcast_guest > haha! this is comedic gold

    Matthew.16753 > Customer has closed chat and left the room

    Matthew.16753 > Feel free to chat back with us any time, or you can also call us at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278). Please note, you can print or save a copy of this chat by clicking on the Transcript button at the end of the chat as a confirmation of your order. If you need additional assistance you can find product support information on our Web site at Thank you for contacting Comcast. Have a great day.”



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  1. RumorsDaily says:

    Ha, dealing with DC Comcast customer support is painful as all hell.

  2. Falconfire says:

    heh sad thing is doubt even Verizon would be helpful, they are too busy ignoring their own customers.

  3. FrenchBenj says:

    Am I the only one to be really annoyed at Peter? The CSR’s are obviously trying to figure out what’s going on and he’s being a total asswipe to them.

    If your address is not recognized by the system, there’s nothing the online people can do. You gotta go to the office. Now, if they suck there too, then lay into them, but the online CSR’s are trying here..

  4. The_Truth says:

    Some actual competitiveness would be a good thing about now, or maybe force the damn telcos to invest all the extra money weve had to pay to implement the damn fibre they promised like 20years ago. Fuckers.

  5. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I’d think that a supervisor could make the call for Eric, and get this shell account set up….or perhaps Eric could get on the phone with a similar supervisor, who says the same thing, then get him to do a conference call with the office.

  6. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Wait…you say Peter, they say Eric….could that be part of the problem? O_o

  7. Itch says:

    I feel for ya, truely do. I wonder if this has more to do with the way that Comcast has thier company setup. Just like the monkey who comes to set things ups is a contractor, I’m betting Comcast local is techincally a different company than the Comcast you called at the 800 number. There may be data sharing btwn them, but the parent company cant make any demands to the local.

    So the suggestion to bug the shit out of the local office maybe a valid one. Mind you sounds like you need to start going higher than John Williams. Treat this like any other customer service issue and climb the food chain.

  8. Mike_ says:

    Visit the District’s Office of Cable TV & Telecommunications website and familiarize yourself with your rights and Comcast’s obligations. You may find the Customer Service Regulations document (see p.13 – 3109 – Installation) useful.

    Tell Comcast they have 7 days to fix their database and install your service. If you’re not plugged in by this time next week, call the OCTT.

  9. Am I the only one to be really annoyed at Peter? The CSR’s are obviously trying to figure out what’s going on and he’s being a total asswipe to them.

    I didn’t feel this way at all…in fact, when Eric asked them to “take ownership” I thought that was a legitimate request. These large companies have made it too easy for a CSR to pass the buck to another, sometimes non-existant, 3rd party. This was reminiscent of dealing with certain governmental institutions that make it your job to do their work…

    You shouldn’t have to fight with a CSR for the right to pay a ridiculous monthly fee to watch television… If the CSR’s at any level that Eric had dealt with had been doing their job, they would have been bending over backwards to sign him up… Look on the bright side Eric, you won’t get the assreaming that is Concast.

  10. Magister says:

    BTW, don’t you guys loved the canned responses. Probably just off-shore resources on the chat lines.

  11. Ben Popken says:

    Kara writes:

    “I have a very similar situation to Peter’s – Comcast didn’t believe that my condo existed. Apparently either the building had renumbered the units about a year before I purchased my unit – 103 became 003, 203 became 103, etc. No one ever bothered to tell Comcast this though.

    I called Comcast at the beginning of October – a few weeks before my closing – to see what services I could have set up in my unit. I live in Unit 3 – formerly 103. I was told by the customer service agent that they had to get confirmation from my neighbor in unit 103 that I didn’t live with her and that I had my own unit. Whatever – I didn’t want to deal with it, so they said they’d fix it. They also told me that they had to have someone come visually inspect the building from the outside to see that my unit existed. Nothing has been added to the building – it was renumbered. Of course, a few weeks go by, I move in and call Comcast back. Surprise surprise – it hasn’t been fixed. They tell me once again that they’ll fix it and that my unit will be added as a unit to the building. I ended up traveling and generally not being too concerned about cable over the next few weeks.

    In early November, I called back to Comcast to see what was going on. Apparently no one had been sent to “visually inspect” the building to confirm my unit. The rep I spoke with told me that my neighbor hadn’t confirmed that I don’t live her. I told the rep that I didn’t see how that was applicable – since I don’t live with her and this is a completely separate unit. We argued back and forth a bit about why my neighbor should have to call at all since this has absolutely nothing to do with her. I asked what would happen if my neighbor never called Comcast back and the rep told me that he didn’t like my “negative attitude” about why someone wouldn’t call Comcast back. He then told me that that it was a “legal issue” and that they couldn’t give me cable because my neighbor hadn’t given them authorization. I asked for a supervisor. (I realize I could have escalated this sooner, but I didn’t really care enough until early November.)

    This was such a blessing because I spoke with the most amazing Comcast supervisor – Lisa. Lisa has fixed every problem I’ve had. I had to fax her my mortgage statement so that they had proof of the renumbering and a few weeks later, it was all fixed. They properly renumbered my entire building. I hit a few snags when they found that the wiring into my unit was bad, but they sent an in-house tech to fix it almost immediately.

    My favorite part of this story is that I ran into my neighbor in the parking lot recently and she told me that she actually had called Comcast back but the rep she spoke with had no idea what she was talking about. “

  12. rich.h says:

    Something I discovered while working a similar problem with my address several years ago: The address you and the post office commonly use may be just a leetle bit different than that in whatever address database these co’s use. For the first decade of my residence at “1234 Maple”, that’s what I used, and all was well. Then came the Web. After several sessions of head-pounding frustration trying to convince various web pages and CSRs that my house did indeed exist, I discovered one day, purely by accident, that The System considers my address to be “1234 Maple ROAD”. A postman can parse it either way; a lazily-programmed computer can’t. Got in the habit of appending “Rd.” to my address, and have had no problems since.

  13. Ben Popken says:

    Nelle writes:

    “I had to laugh when I read “Comcast Declares Reader’s House Nonexistent” because the US Postal Service did the same thing to me!

    Every May in college I would shuffle off to my school’s post office and fill out a forwarding slip directing mail to my folks’ house in Wisconsin. That is, the house I lived in for 16 happy years, learned to read in, took prom pictures in, etc. I grew up in a small town, and all our houses had two numbers, one North and one West (it has something to do with the town being on an old grid system, or mostly made of farms.)

    Every year without fail I would get a notice from the Postal Service saying, “Sorry, this address could not be located.” As if going to college weren’t scary enough, my house had been eaten by the bureaucracy! I still have this problem occasionally when ordering things online — the address will go up as “Could Not Be Verified” and then it’s off to the CSR races again.

    Then again, if you read this page on how Wisconsin is a government conspiracy, suddenly it all becomes clear…”

  14. Josh Smith says:

    Back when Pizza Hut had national call centers for ordering my friend’s house disappeared, they could deliver to the church across the street but not his house.

  15. dwarf74 says:

    I think the customer’s being a bit of an ass, but I think it’s completely warranted in this case.

    I’m amazed that neither of the comcast reps took any initiative to call the local office for him and see what they can get resolved…

  16. emax4 says:

    I agree the customer is being an asswipe too. I mean, Comcast is doing what they can to the best of the rep’s abilities, and he’s not satisfied with their answer. Comcast tells them that he has to call in, but that’s not good enough. Basically Eric is given the solution but doesn’t want to go that very simple route. Ok, so what, you’re complaining to It’s pricks like these that don’t want to bend over backwards to get a customer. With an attitude like his, I don’t know of any business that would whore themselves out like Eric would like.

    I used to work in a call center and there were a few times that we could not add an address to our system. Usually these were rural routes or homes that were still under construction. Oh, and these were all done live over the phone, not in a chat room.

    What kills me is when he asks for Verizon’s number. Why would one company have the numbers for all of their competitors? Eric, did your ex-girlfriend asks for your best friend’s number after the two of you broke up? Yeah, you see now that it doesn’t make sense.

  17. TedOnion says:

    This could be a problem with the address formatting and the computer system not recognizing the address. For example, while working for an ISP, we could not get a CD delivered to a customer because of a very strange address somewhere way up in the mountains. Personal mail would be delivered, but the post office did not take the time to help the bulk mail along. Once I found the standard form of the address, the CD was delivered. The standard form was much different than what the customer was suppling.

    Use this site:

    Put in your address and the form will generate the “standard format” of your address. See if it differs from what you supplied to comcast and let us know!

    Good luck!

  18. You may note that he’d already called in several times, been physically to the local office (I don’t like that part of DC either), and left a message with the designated grand high poobah of local address fixing who was blowing off returning his calls.

    He went a little overboard, sure, but this was online communication #4, after 3 calls and 1 physical visit. I probably would have used way less nice words at that point.

    We had Comcast when we lived in DC. It was a nightmare. Also? DC’s on a grid system. Apparently every Comcast person he spoke with, locally or internationally, was too lazy to LOOK AT A MAP. Addresses are NOT HARD TO FIND in DC.

    I hate it when databases are declared the arbiters of what exists and what does not. Peoplesoft disenrolled me from graduate school for seven consecutive semesters, causing my student loans to bounce back to the feds several times and me to repeatedly lose all the classes I had registered for and get bumped by people on the waiting list and not allowed back in later (because the computer said the class was full). At least enrollment/financial aid designated me a single go-to person after the third occurrence who I got to call every semester until the end of my tenure so he could start fixing it all by hand.

  19. acambras says:

    emax — I think the request for Verizon’s phone number was RHETORICAL.

  20. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Look on the bright side, if Comcast can’t find the house, then they can’t send a technician out to connect the coaxial cable to the power mains and make your computer explode.

    Comcast won’t run cable to my house because there aren’t enough people on my rural road. I solved that problem by not watching TV. When I called and asked Comcast about it, they practically laughed in my face. Verizon finally got around to installing DSL two years ago, so for $20 a month I just waste my time on the Internet.

    There’s always DirecTV and Dish Network.

  21. Chris Gibson says:

    Yeah, exactly the same thing happened to me in Texas. Called Comcast to get cable in a new house that had just been constructed. They didn’t have our address…. OK, understandable, it’s a new house. But then we get into wild phone tag – we’d call the local office, and the phone would ring and ring, no pickup. SOmetimes voicemail. And on the rare time when we got a person, they were unable to help us. What was funny was when I gave them our NEIGHBOR’S address, who did have cable. They told me that they couldn’t confirm or deny that they had cable, because it wasn’t our account, so they wouldn’t access it. I begged, just to prove that our street existed.

    After about 4 weeks of this, DISH Networks got a new customer :-) Crazy Comcast.

  22. Keter says:

    I ran into the same problem with Time Warner when I tried to set up cable modem service a few years ago. My house got a new number and the section of the street it’s on was renamed shortly before I bought it due to 911 mapping (huh? but that’s what the city told me when I inquired what my correct address was), and the only way I could get service was to give them the old address for the installation…and then give them the correct address for billing!!!

    I still occasionally get flaky weird addressing when I order something from companies that use an old, defective database (there’s a version out there that has my house in the wrong CITY, but has everything else right).

    To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computerized call center. ;o)

  23. dibbers75 says:

    emax…this “asswipe” you are referring to is my kid brother and your name-calling is completely unwarranted and ignorant. Eric was being exasperatingly patient, which, by the way…is extremely commendable on his part, (I’m surprised actually that his wrath was not unleashed by the time he was dealing with the 2nd CSR). Had the service been done right the first time and an explanation given to him as to why he is being given the run-around about getting simple internet service, (in Washington DC…dear Lord this is our nation’s Capital for crying out loud!), I’m sure this would suffice and he could move on to another ISP. One question emax, no offense intended, (well maybe some), but in your call center training do they give you lessons on being a complete idiot? I mean do you get some sort of sick and twisted amusement out of jerking innocent customers around who simply want some customer service?

  24. Mike_ says:

    Depending on how cable franchising works in your state, your local government may have an individual who is in charge of coordinating your municipality’s relationship with your cable service provider. Their job includes ensuring the cable company is meeting its obligations to the community, including prompt installation and reasonable customer service. (They also supervise the Community Access channels.)

    It shouldn’t take longer than a day or two for someone to confirm your address exists and is within the provider’s coverage area. If you’re having this sort of problem, the path of least resistance might be your local government’s Cable TV Liaison. They almost definitely have direct access to management at your cable company’s local office. At the very least, it’s another ignition source to light a fire under their ass.

  25. Ran Kailie says:

    Comcast in the Metro DC area is the devil. Don’t use them, I had so much drama and issue with them it wasn’t funny. I had to fight with them for over a year about a bill they claimed was never paid and I had the copy of the check THEY cashed.

    And I won’t go into the cable installer who drilled a hole in the floor of the house i was renting to run the line without my permission when I’d already told him to just connect it inside the house I’d run the line myself. Too bad I’d walked away for a drink and came running back when I heard a drill.

    Go with verizon, better quality and speed. Or beyond that go with someone like

  26. everybody who is blaming the customer needs to understand that he has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND what anyone should have to do to GIVE BUSINESS to Comcast. How hard should he have to work to become an investment for them? He’s called, chatted and physically driven to a bad nieghborhood all in attempt to set up a way to start giving them money every month. I don’t see how Comcast shoudn’t figure out a way to help him do that.

    ANd the first CSR rep was actaully nice and polite, and did a great job I think. He was very polite back in return; but once he was transferred to Matthew, all he got was meaningless script answers, and when he finally pushed and got angry enough to break them, his given response was to call and complain a bunch more until his address gets added. Way to go Comcast.

  27. petermartin says:


    Peter (from the post) here – just to clear up a couple of quick points:

    The name confusion is because it was my roommate Eric who did the chat, and when he forwarded the transcript to me, I thought Consumerist might be interested, particularly because I remembered reading the post about the sleeping technician.

    As for the tone, you really have to understand that this was honestly the 7th or 8th time we’ve gone through all of this same stuff with the Comcast folks. Read the tone as more “knowing exactly what’s coming (again)” and not as “being an asswipe” and that may help. And for the record, we both thought the first guy in this chat was as helpful as could be…he didn’t know how to fix the problem, but he at least admitted it and pushed it on to the next level, which is exactly how this process should work. It was the second guy, who didn’t even bother to read the transcript he had been forwarded, who really pissed us off.

    The most frustrating thing about all this is that we’re trying REALLY hard just to send them $60 a month – we already have a modem and router and all the expertise needed, so all they really have to do is get the service switched on…can’t ask for a better customer than that…

  28. isadora says:

    This happened to me! In 2000, my husband and I lived in a new apartment complex and we somehow got a salesperson to get us cable/internet! But then nobody else in the complex could get it and we had people lined up, begging us to help them.

    The sales rep we found that was actually helpful ended up getting cable for almost everybody in the complex. It was so weird and stupid and frustrating. Lots of people gave us beer as thanks, though. That was nice.

    But I HATE Comcast, overall. They are the devil. And they lie. I wrote a whole thing about my experience with those bastards at a couple of years ago. GOD, do I hate them.