Not To Be Outdone by Taco Bell, Taco John’s Adds E.Coli to Menu

From Forbes: “A suspected E. coli outbreak that began in Iowa widened in Minnesota on Tuesday, with health officials linking 14 apparent cases to Taco John’s restaurants in Albert Lea and Austin.”

All the “infected” restaurants use the same produce distributor, but the e. coli has not been connected to produce at this time.

“Taco John’s spokesman Brian Dixon identified the produce supplier for the three restaurants as St. Paul-based Bix Produce. But he stressed that the restaurant chain doesn’t yet know if the produce was the source of the E. coli. The disease can also be carried by undercooked meat, and Dixon said the chain is testing samples of all types of food from the restaurants in question.

“We’re still trying to pinpoint exactly what happened,” Dixon said. The company may decide to switch suppliers, he said.”

Meanwhile, Taco Bell is stressing that they are not in any way connected to Taco John’s.—MEGHANN MARCO

Taco Bell Says Food Is Safe [Forbes]