Verizon Finally Admits They Were Wrong

It only took them five days, but somehow it got through to Verizon that they were wrong. They issued George an official apology letter and promised to teach their reps the difference between dollars and cents.

    “Dear Mr. Vaccaro,

    The Executive Relations Team responds to consumer issues that are brought to our executives’ attention. I am in receipt of your email via regarding your data charges while roaming in Canada . Thank you for letting us know that we inadvertently incorrectly quoted a rate to you. We have issued a credit to your account of $71.79. In order to prevent any future inaccuracies, we are supplementing the reference material used by our representatives to better highlight that the Canadian roaming rate is .002 dollars-per-kilobyte, which is equal to .2 cents per kilobyte. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Ana Diaz
    Verizon Wireless
    West Area Supervisor, Executive Relations”

We would say Verizon is almost there. They’ve refunded and apologized, but they need to go one step further. Offer some free minutes or free roaming time. With this, they’ve got the balance sheet at zero, now they need to make a gesture of good will. — BEN POPKEN

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