UPDATE: The $55 Mac And Cheese: The Menu Said ‘Truffles’

UPDATE: The $55 Mac And Cheese Guy Speaks

Here’s a snip from the menu of the Waverly Inn, which charged a reader’s friend $55 for a bowl of mac and cheese. Fresh shaved truffles are clearly included in the mac and cheese.

So Max’s friend is a bit silly for not reading . However, that doesn’t excuse a $55 bowl of macaroni and cheese.

To its credit, the Waverly gave the couple several free glasses of vino. The price probably works out in the end, considering the waiter came by and sneezed caviar in their wine. — BEN POPKEN

Full menu reprinted, inside…

Click to enlarge.


The Waverly Inn is the creation of Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair editor and inventor of Spy Magazine. Which means this whole affair is probably some kind of a satirical sendup.

Menu courtesy of Eater.

This post originally tried to make a connection between the price of the truffle fries and the price of the mac and cheese. However, a reader has informed us we know nothing about making truffle fries and so we have retracted this assertion. Our apologies to the truffle union.

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