HOWTO: Record Customer Service Calls

Recently we’ve gotten a flurry of emails asking how to record customer service calls (Vincent Ferrari says he’s receiving a slew, too).

You can use Skype along with an audio recording program like Hotrecorder, Audacity or Garageband (Mac) or Audio Hijack (OSX). Make the call with Skype and hit record. Upload the mp3 file to a hosting service like Putfile, or just email it to us.

You can also use your landline with a device like the Mini Recorder Control from Radio Shack. Plug it into the phone, and into the microphone slot on your computer. Record… upload…

We recommend the Skype method, though, as it tends to produce better audio. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: You can also use GrandCentral (free), which, in addition to creating one master number for all your phones, lets you record calls just by pressing 4.