Meghann Will Ship Her Broken DVD Player Back

The people have spoken. Meghann will ship her broken DVD player, not make a video of her smashing it. Spoilsports.

Incidentally, Woot just sent her a pre-paid shipping label and said they will issue a refund. Sweet.

At the outset, Meghann didn’t feel like shipping because the cost of shipping and the possibility of receiving yet another busted DVD player just didn’t seem worth it.

Meghann’s may have been part of a bad batch. Some other Woot!ers DVD players didn’t turn on, or they reported problems with HDMI, S-VIDEO or sound. Still others said theirs worked fine.

Hey, you takes your refurbs and you takes your chances. Mankind shall live to Woot again. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. levenhopper says:

    Referbs, looking at the percentages, come DOA less than new items.

  2. adamondi says:

    Woot seems to do an excellent job of customer service when something goes wrong with things they sell. Meghann should have emailed their service department as soon as there was a problem with her DVD player. She probably would have gotten the problem resolved faster than it took to post about it and run the poll.

  3. bndocksnt says:

    Kudos go to Woot for their willingness to address the problem. A full refund and a prepaid shipping label on a refurb’d item? Ooh, that kind of customer service may finally turn me into a Woot buyer.

  4. Mike_ says:

    I demand a recount.

  5. dammit, i should’ve voted 21 more times.

  6. snazz says:

    i think the chad was hanging on my vote… and the rest of the floridians’. recount!

  7. woot! appears to command a brand loyalty rivaling only Target.

  8. synergy says:

    Well, all my witty comments have been taken. What’s that make me, the Kerry of this election?

  9. Joe says:

    No – Michael S. Dukakis

  10. jeblis says:

    Woot rocks…still would have liked to see it smashed.