Free Blockbuster Rentals For Netflix Subscribers

Blockbuster will give you a free online rental for each Netflix envelope flap you bring into a store. You must have a Blockbuster membership to qualify. The promotions lasts until Dec. 21. It’s an effort to get Netflix subscribers to sign up for Blockbuster’s Total Access Online service.

TAO is functionally similar to Netflix but different in that in that its name is longer. — BEN POPKEN

Free Blockbuster rentals for Netflix subscribers [Lifehacker]


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  1. valkin says:

    I don’t think the program is exactly the same as Netflix. Blockbuster is known for censoring films. I think the same deal applies to their TAO.

  2. Lesley says:

    There’s no way I’d give up Netflix, but these little flaps will come in handy when the boyfriend doesn’t like what I’ve got in-home (which is most of the time). But I couldn’t find any information about this deal on their site and a hundred bucks says my local Blocksucker won’t be a “participating store.”

  3. cindel says:

    No more late fees?

  4. WhatThe... says:

    yeah, I’ve searched around too. I don’t have netflix but my sister does, she was going to bring her flaps to town. I’ll have to call the store to see if they will take them.

  5. WhatThe... says:

    I just called my local store, and they are participating – I will report back this afternoon and let you know how it goes.

  6. bluegus32 says:

    You have to admire the deliciously evil tinge to this. Bring us in someone else’s product, we’ll poop on it, then give you a free sample of our crappy product.

    That is freakishly awesome.

  7. CockeyedOptimist says:

    i just joined BB total access and i must say so far so good. What got me was the new promotion where you return the mailed movie to the store (instead of mailing it back) and they give you a free rental right then AND your movie is immediately checked into the system so the next in your queue is dispatched soon thereafter. I pay $10/month for the 1 out plan and I probably had 10+ movies last month. I should mention that I’m in Dallas and BB is based here so maybe the speed I receive them is advanced.

  8. rdm says:

    I’m in Dallas too and have had crappy service with BB. Here’s what I posted @ LH:
    “Blockbuster grates my nerves. We just switched back when this new “Total Access” was introduced.

    Here’s how it works for me (and I live in Dallas, one day ship should be all that’s needed):

    1) DVDs ship to me from BB
    2) Receive them, say, on Tuesday
    3) Return them, in store, Wednesday
    4) BB does not mark them returned for at least 2 days, maybe Friday
    5) After that they claim they get 1 business day to process the next movie, so nothing ships until Monday

    I’m in an email dialog with them now where they are saying that the movies should ship before they are marked returned to the queue, but I’ve only seen that once or twice in 6 weeks (?). Basically they are throttling just as they were before, but now it’s worse because they play up the immediate return as a benefit but it’s not. It’d be quicker for me to ship them back (but then I don’t get the free movies).”

  9. Sheik says:

    Heres a link to the official Blockbuster press release

  10. Plus isn’t Blockbuster’s movie selection kind of limited? They got in trouble with distributors, and many studios either didn’t release, or delayed release, to Blockbuster, because BB owed them money.

    It was on Defamer I think. Can’t find the article.

  11. Sorry if this double posts:

    The Slate article I mentioned.

  12. rdm says:

    BB is pretty lame about selection. They don’t have SNL season 1 yet, they don’t have some special editions (and then the stores don’t either, so you’re screwed). Seems like the ones BB doesn’t have, NF does, and vice versa.

  13. alicetheowl says:

    Well, I guess I’ll be the one to speak up for Blockbuster. I’ve had their online program for almost two years, and I’ve always been pleased with the service. When they added the “Total Access” features, I liked it even more. I’ve found that USPS mail sorters can snap discs in half, and it used to be that I’d have to notify Blockbuster, wait for them to ship out the new disc, then wait to get it. Now I can report it, pop into the local store, replace it with one that works, and watch my movie that night.

    And I’m watching about three times the movies I was before, thanks to a faster turnover and free in-store rentals.

  14. WhatThe... says:

    Well, this taking in the flaps and using them as coupons went really well. Just had to listen to the sales pitch – and will be on their e-mail list. Heck, it’s free rentals. Share the love. BB always seems to have the most selection of new releases – half of the store it seems. And those are hard to get off of NF sometimes…

  15. Citron says:

    I was always really disappointed by the tiny movie selection that Blockbuster has and I have yet to find a movie that wasn’t in Netflix, and I’ve got a thing for Film Noir.

    Blockbuster will have to take my Netflix envelopes from my cold, dead hands.

  16. glitterpig says:

    Blockbuster isn’t perfect – they sent me the wrong movie NINE TIMES in a row once. I finally gave up after elevating to the highest level of CS. At least they gave me a ton of free rental coupons for my trouble.

    And that’s why I love the Blockbuster TA program – for

    The ridiculous volume of “free” (really “included in your monthly fee”) rentals they offer reeks of desperation, but until Blockbuster goes bankrupt, I’m going to enjoy my five-movie-a-week habit. Yay!