Demand A T-Mobile Hotspot Refund And Get It

T-mobile’s hotspot this morning in the Charlotte airport didn’t let us on the internet, but were still charged $9.99. Visions of David Berlind’s similar battle dancing in our eyes, we called up T-Mobile, demanded a refund, and got it. Word.

We think this call was successful because we

• Were right
• Called up the same day the incident happened
• Clearly stated what we wanted
• Were friendly but firm

Note how we made sure to get Kimberly’s name and ID number at the end of the call. If there’s a problem with the refund, we can either go back to her or refer another customer service rep to our conversation. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. This is crystal clear proof that sometimes it’s how you address the issue that really helps the recovery.

    So this begs the question: Was David merely being incompetent when he tried to get his refund, or was it David’s call that forced them to reevaluate their refund procedures which ultimately helped Ben 5 months later…

  2. scudsone says:

    A similar thing happened to me at Paris CDG last may – I tried to log in a couple of times to their wifi – entered credit card info and then it would go to a 404 page each time. Needless to say when i got my bill the next month there were 3 or 4 6euro charges. I called chase(the card issuer) and complained, they said i had to take it up with the French isp, I told them I tried, but no one spoke English (not true – didn’t try first, when I googled the isp all the phone numbers were for France – if i called it would cost more than the 25 bucks i was out). So after speaking to three or four low level idiots eventually I got to someone who said they would investigate or something – and not sure what their investigation entailed, I pretty much said fuck it to myself and forgot about it after that, until the next month when I noticed there was a credit on the bill.
    I still can’t believe it.