Walmart to Offer Video Downloads

CNNMoney is reporting that Walmart will begin offering video downloads, beginning with an exclusive “Superman Returns” DVD bundle containing a video download option with purchase of the physical DVD:

“With the purchase of the “Superman Returns” physical DVD, Wal-Mart said customers can also choose from three video download format options — $1.97 for portable devices, $2.97 for PCs/laptops, and $3.97 for both portable players and PC/laptops.

The retailer said the physical/digital DVD bundle would offer customers the flexibility to watch the Warner Bros. movie on their TV, portable devices as well as their computers.”

Walmart sells 40% of all DVDs in the U.S.; this is their way to hold on to their market share. No word on how DRM crippled the files offered with this download service will be, but let’s hope they didn’t take their cues from Amazon Unbox. —MEGHANN MARCO

Wal-Mart launches digital movie downloads [CNNMoney]