No $1600 Camera But Here’s A Jar Of Pasta Sauce

UPDATE: According to KTVI/Fox in St. Louis, “A Sony representative has confirmed to Fox 2, the company is processing the shipment of a replacement camera to the Rittenbergs. They just have to send in the box as they found it — sauce and all.” (Thanks to Triteon!)

When the Rittenberg’s brought home what they thought was a new $1600 camera from Best Buy, they were surprised to find a jar of Classico pasta sauce inside.

“The only thing I thought was, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,'” said Melisa Rittenberg of St Louis.

When they tried to return the camera, Best Buy told them the box was sealed, so the switcheroo couldn’t have happened at the store.

The Best Buy manager said a resolution is pending.

The pair advises shoppers to check their purchases before leaving the store.

“You take it out of the store, and it’s yours,” she said. “It could be an empty box. It could have a jar of sauce in it, like ours.” — BEN POPKEN

Pair claim they got ‘sauced’ over camera [AP] (Thanks to Brian!)

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