Man Hides in Furniture Box; Steals $80,000 from Kmart

Introducing our new favorite alleged thief, Greg G. Giannotta. Our buddy Greg, “hid inside a furniture box at Kmart until closing time and, according to police, swept the jewelry department nearly clean of merchandise.”

According to the Home News Tribune (of Central New Jersey):

“Giannotta went into the store about 8 p.m. Sunday, shoplifted tools for the burglary, a duffle bag and a full set of clothing to change into.He then went to the furniture department and hid in the box, waiting for the store to close. Sometime around midnight,Giannotta changed into the shoplifted clothes, emerged from the box and went to the jewelry section.

With employees still working in the store, Giannotta pried open the jewelry cases and loaded his duffle bag with gold and assorted jewelry.

An employee yelled for the manager to call 911, and Giannotta fled.”

Nearby police saw Giannotta running through the Kmart parking lot, where he was apprehended. Our question: So how much does $80,000 worth of Kmart jewelry weigh? 150lbs? 300lbs? No wonder the poor bastard got caught. He’d have been better off stealing 50lb bags of kitty litter. —MEGHANN MARCO

Man hides in box, robs Kmart of $80,000 in goods [Home News Tribune]