Wii Inventory Tracker

Sick of looking for a Wii to buy your ingrate kids? Here’s a tracker that automatically checks websites for Wii availability. Best Buy is noticeably absent, but otherwise it seems comprehensive. —MEGHANN MARCO

Wii Inventory Tacker [Refresh Thing via Gizmodo]


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  1. dezeinstein says:

    Cool! Wii is ‘available’ on eBay for only ONE MEEEEEEELION DOLLARS!

  2. max andrews says:

    How unhelpful :-P

  3. Clark Kent says:

    Last weekend, after several unsuccessful attempts to find one of these things in stock, I took a leap of faith and subscribed to Wii Finder (www.nintendofinder.com). For $6.50 (Paypal only), they promised to send an email update at any time, night or day, that one of the online sites they watch changed their Wii stock status. I heard nothing from them (other than a payment acknowledgement) through Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… maybe I’d been taken. $6.50 down the drain.

    At 6:29 EST today, I got my first alert – an email notice that Tech Depot (an arm of Office Depot) had changed its website. at 6:49, they sent a confirming notice. At 6:59, I went to the website and was able to place an order! We’ll see if I get a shipping confirmation later today, but it sure felt right. If this works, it’s well worth the money spent on the service – I’ve spent that much in gas already.

  4. LeopardSeal says:

    Ah the Wii. If you can find one, and a copy of the new Zelda, you’re all set. I just can’t seem to find a compontent cable for it, so I get to watch in in 480i rather than 480p.

  5. markpeot says:

    I was extremely skeptical about nintendofinder.com, but subscribed anywas–it was only $6.50 and I had spent 2-3 hours over several days scouring the net for a Wii. I signed up on Saturday and, much to surprise, it actually worked! I received a note at 11:05 am that a Wii was available and had purchased it by 11:09 am this morning…

    BTW, you can use an ordinary credit card (not just PayPal) to sign up.

    I remain astonished.