What To Do When Energy Company Impersonators Come Knocking

Reader Mikki spotted one of the IDT Energy folks trolling for customers, pretending to work for ConEd, in Williamsburg.

    On my block they were buzzing people and saying “We are from the electric company there is a problem with your bill.” Sounds legit and scary so some ppl will let them in. I was like, no thanks! and they buzzed me 4 more times. Then one of my idiot neighbors let them in and they rang my doorbell with the same scam. A little while later I was outside and noticed they were entering buildings by sneaking in after someone used a key or got buzzed in. Seriously shady.”

When IDT comes a knocking:

1. Turn them away. Don’t let them in your building. Treat them like they are homeless intrudes, or better yet, pestilential lepers.
2. Call 311 and report the incident. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Chongo says:

    I’m curious if you should call the cops while they are inside your house.

    Is that a bad idea?

  2. SexCpotatoes says:

    what is 311?

  3. jwissick says:

    311 is a police number in some areas that is for non-emergencies. It’s ment to take the heat of 911 with all the minor calls.

    Not available in all areas.

  4. max andrews says:

    But I treat homeless intrudes and pestilential lepers with a warm mug of cocoa, a shiatsu massage, and the obligatory happy ending. Does that make me enlightened?

  5. Well Max, that’s cool if that’s your thing.
    But in the case of IDT and others, they won’t appreciate your hospitality as much as they would your television, computer, jewelry, etc.
    Save the shiatsu, break out the shotgun.

  6. E-Bell says:

    I’m curious if you should call the cops while they are inside your house.

    Is that a bad idea?

    It depends. Did you invite them in? If so, did they leave when you asked them to?

    If they snuck into your building by following someone who was buzzed in, you can probably ask them to leave (and if they refuse, call the police). If someone else in your building let them in, you probably can’t.

  7. nastra says:

    Dear Mr.Ben Popken the comments that you gave about the IDT reps were very awful and rude, i just cant believe that a grown man like you speak such awful things about homeless and IDT reps like that, i really hope that god still has a place for you in heaven. My point is that a IDT rep knocked on my door and never said that he was from con ed, he represented himself very politely and professionaly he was a fine young black man with manners and yes with a binder as well, i understood clearly what he said and i signed up all 4 of my houses a few months ago. Im very happy with IDT as my energy supplier, u see con ed still sends me the energy and most of all the bill!!! cant beat that if you ask me, but anyway im not saving alot of money but any little bit counts and plus i still get the same service with con ed just a few bucks of my bill. Listen these IDT reps are just trying to make a living just like the rest of us thats all, i feel like is not a scam so get your mind off off it. People understand that con ed cant be switch even if we wanted to, due to the deregulation law we have a chance to choose a supplier and i did. Lets not be ignorant but smart. Now i do understand that some reps are misrepresenting IDT but not all are the same, there are some good men out there doing an honest living. SO lets be adults about this.