What To Do When Energy Company Impersonators Come Knocking

Reader Mikki spotted one of the IDT Energy folks trolling for customers, pretending to work for ConEd, in Williamsburg.

    On my block they were buzzing people and saying “We are from the electric company there is a problem with your bill.” Sounds legit and scary so some ppl will let them in. I was like, no thanks! and they buzzed me 4 more times. Then one of my idiot neighbors let them in and they rang my doorbell with the same scam. A little while later I was outside and noticed they were entering buildings by sneaking in after someone used a key or got buzzed in. Seriously shady.”

When IDT comes a knocking:

1. Turn them away. Don’t let them in your building. Treat them like they are homeless intrudes, or better yet, pestilential lepers.
2. Call 311 and report the incident. — BEN POPKEN

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