Customers Sue Time Warner

Former Comcast and Adelphia customers sued Time Warner last Wednesday over the service disruptions caused when Time Warner bought their networks.

“This widespread disruption made a mockery of [Time Warner’s] promises that these cable services would not be interrupted as a result of the migration,” the suit alleges.

“Some assert that Time Warner reduced the number of cable channels as a ploy to force customers to upgrade to digital service,” said the LAT.

These disruptions are typical when company’s buy each other and merge systems and databases… have companies ever considered that if they’re not going to put the money in to make a smooth transition… maybe they should just leave the acquired party’s system alone? Let it run as it did before? Just a thought. — BEN POPKEN

Time Warner Cable sued [LAT] (Thanks to something_amazing!)


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  1. Law-Vol says:

    Good point, but letting the system “run as it did before” is a very bad idea from the consumer’s standpoint.

    If the newly-merged company doesn’t shed duplicate facilities, equipment, and personnel, costs and therefore prices will necessarily be higher.

  2. WindowSeat says:

    I haven’t noticed any changes in my service since Adelphia was taken over by Time-Warner. Same broadband outages, same bickering with local stations. In fact the only thing that’s changed is when I call Time-Warner for a credit when broadband is down they say they’ve applied a credit and nothing shows up on the next statement. Weasels.

  3. WindowSeat: That seems to be a common tactic with comcast as well. Sometimes I wonder if these guys go to the same customer service meetings.

  4. Drinker Nisti says:

    Down here in the South Bay, our cable goes out all the time– it’s noticeably worse since the transition from Adelphia. The wait to get through to customer service was 45+ minutes on a Saturday…

    If you actually look at the pricing, TW’s analog cable is more expensive than the digital ($47 vs $44)…

  5. “Some assert that Time Warner reduced the number of cable channels as a ploy to force customers to upgrade to digital service,” said the LAT.

    This seems to be the SOP for all cable companies… and likewise S_A and Windowseat.

  6. thatabbygirl says:

    I’ve noticed the outages being much more intrusive than they ever were with Adelphia – and I hated Adelphia with a fiery rage. Consistently for the past 3 weeks or so, there will be big periods of fuzzy video and no audio.

    All this because the DirectTV installer was too lazy to find the satellite signal from my balcony.

  7. Xkeeper says:

    This is just another reason I’m glad I have Cox. Plenty of channels (not that I watch any, heh), internet service that is rarely (if ever) down, and generally pretty friendly and helpful.

    Of course, I’ve heard nothing but bad from people with Comcast or Adelphia, so you have my symphathies.

    And yes, I know I completely butchered that word.

  8. Mjolnir says:

    My wife and I found an effective tactic with Comcast to keep prices low. Any time they raise our rates we call and cancel. When their customer service person asks why, we tell them the truth. The CS people seem to have some leeway in setting prices, so we have been paying the same rate for two years now with no increases. Rate increases, we “cancel” service, rate drops. Two caveats- we live(ed) in Colorado and since we have Vonage we bundle Cable and broadband.

  9. lyingwithstats says:

    When asking for a credit , or anything else for that matter, you need to ask for and get the name and employee number ( if applicable) of the rep you spoke with…as well as the date and time.

    This is basic info that one should always use for dealing with “any” company….as the old “but Sally promised me a months worth of credit” doesnt carry much weight..but ” Sally , emp 43567 on Tuesday feb 22 ar approx 1421 said I would be getting 2 months worth of free popcorn”…is very specific and easy to verify