Cingular To Hold “Texting Bees” For Parents

From The New York Times: “The company, the largest cellphone carrier in the United States, will hold a series of interactive “texting bees” around the country early next year to teach parents how to send text messages to their children. The promotion is a way to increase sales, of course. But the company contends that its campaign will help parents get to know their sons and daughters by teaching them teenage slang and the advantages of texting over making phone calls, sending e-mail or simply having a conversation.

“It’s about, ‘Do you realize this is how your kids communicate with their friends?’ ” said Cristy Swink, the executive director for text messaging at Cingular. “Sometimes, younger people are more likely to say ‘text me.’ ”

O rly? Texting is hip? Personally, we love text messages. We never answer our cell phone. Consequently, our parents already know how to text us. Thanks anyway, Cingular. —MEGHANN MARCO

A Parent’s Guide to Teenspeak by Text Message [New York Times]