Bloglines Feed Fixed, May Need To Resubscribe

If you read us through Bloglines, you may have noticed our feed didn’t update after November, 16th. Readers report it working now.

Personally, we we had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to show the new posts.

Give it a whirl, and as they say, y’all come back now, ya hear? — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Itch says:

    Just dropping some quick feed back. Not seeing it correct on bloglines still.

    Removed the old one, added it back in, and what do I see? iking knobs, United, OJ might have done it, and Freaky Thursday. All from the 17th.

    Mind you, they have been having problems with and lifehacker recently as well, so I was figuring it was bloglines not yall guys.

  2. Itch says:

    Ah ha! The problem was just using the rss feed from the bottom of the page. Clicking that link and then choosing bloglines on the next page got it to work.

    Its the difference btwn which is on the bottom of the page, and which is the working link.

    For all of those that are curious.

  3. Steve_Holt says:

    Just a little followup, fyi. I kinda ignored the problem in Bloglines and just read straight for the last week. As of today, the feed is back and running fine in my Bloglines, with no effort on my part. I didn’t have to resubscribe.