Fight Videos Black Friday Roundup

All the newscasts seem determined to show Black Friday shoppers as an orderly stream of value-conscious consumers, en masse as they are.

However, we scrounged up up a few fight videos on YouTube, inside… — BEN POPKEN

WEST MIFFLIN, PA – WALMART. Shoppers wrestle over 6 computers.

VERNON, TX – WALMART. Watch what happens at 1:05 when a horde of shoppers descends upon a pallet of DVD players at the same time.

UNKNOWN – BEST BUY. One-thousand shoppers rush the doors.


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  1. Falconfire says:

    part of me really wishes people die today so that the government could step in and force all stores to forgo “black friday sales” It just brings out the absolute worse in people.

  2. Yozzie says:

    They actually outlawed old-style doorbusters in Australia – used to be able to get insane deals on electronics and whitegoods, until one day a guy lost his fingers in a department store’s roll-up door waiting for it to open. He lost his fingers, but still ran and grabbed the $200 portable TV (this is the early ’90s), then secured the severed digits.

    These annual retail orgies of shitty merchandise at artificially low proces, and the lizard-brain shenanigans they bring out in customers, make me sick.

  3. saintjohnson says:

    I agree. I stopped getting up before dawn. Now I’ll go to the electronics store that opens @ 9pm on Thanksgiving…usually around 9:30pm.

    As for the earlybird doorbuster sale, I’ll just go in a bit before noon.

    If my wants aren’t met, I didn’t need them.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    I think the whole idea is stupid. In general, people who show up for things like this have no concept of the value of their time. I don’t know about them, but 6 hrs of my time (assuming one is camping out for the night) is worth more than saving $50 on a DVD recorder.

    That said, there’s a way to beat the system — show up VERY early, as in a day or two before. When you’ve seen what WILL be on sale, head into the store a day or two before and locate the items you wish to purchase. Often, they’re already stocked, just not on sale until the magic date. Grab a few of them and proceed to hide them in various parts of the store. Areas behind displays, and behind slow-moving items work very well for this. (Hint: at Best Buy, you can often chuck things behind the appliances and no one will find it for weeks/months)

    Overall, most of the Black Friday deals I saw weren’t even priced as good as what things normally sell for online. The retails, and their come-ons, can stuff it.

  5. mikehager66 says:

    It reminds me of a pack of piranha descending on a dead carcass. Why in God’s name do people think the spirit of Christmas is fighting over a product no matter how good a deal it is. No manners, no consideration for your fellow man…just animal instincts and a sad state of a society that thinks kids need to have every little thing they desire. Wake up people…Jesus being born is the true meaning of Christmas…not this wanton disregard of greed. It does make good viewing though ;)

  6. schvitzatura says:

    The system is “shock testing” the proles to determine how restless they are in this “bread and circuses/petro-latifundia” economy that we live in.

    Watching these train wrecks may be entertaining to some, but in reality, this is a barometer of how the brutish gobsmacker least-common-denominators mix it up in the public realm.

    Christmakwanzakuh 2007 will prove to be even more vicious than 2006…

    Until they become conscious they will never rebel,
    and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.

  7. Datacloud says:

    Nice 1984 quote and I like your post in general. I was going to be base about it and just call them losers.

  8. cerulgalactus says:

    They are. Who the hell needs a $60 DVD player that badly?

  9. AdminX says:

    Black friday really does bring out the worst in people. I went for my first time this year, and it’ll definitely be my last. It reminds me why I’m a sociopath. I waited a half an hour before the store opened, and once it opened, the old man in front of me rammed a carriage at me when I ran for the tv’s, because everybody wanted one. I told him that he’s lucky i’m not the reaper. There were only 9 in the store, and some jerk grabbed 4 which goes to show how greedy people get over garbage, and think that they can turn a profit on ebay over outdated merchandise. The only reason this unofficial holiday exists is so that retailers can make room for next year’s better products, which are worth the wait.

  10. phelander says:

    People make me sick.

  11. Trai_Dep says:

    [A fine Australian gentleman] lost his fingers, but still ran and grabbed the $200 portable TV (this is the early ’90s), then secured the severed digits.

    Holy crap. American bargain hunters are freaken amateurs.

  12. Yozzie says:

    ^^ We colonials don’t fuck around.

  13. Uurp says:

    I’m damned proud to be an American.

  14. Blueskylaw says:

    Two thumbs up for capitalism. (pun intended)

  15. Anonymous says:

    We lined up at Fry’s last year for our first Black friday sale outing. We left two hours later with over $700 worth of savings. But the best part? It was a PEACEFUL NON-VIOLENT experience. If that shit had started while we were there we would have run for the hills. People are PSYCHO!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Big bummer that all those people act like that to get a deal. Hearing about the man killed at Walmart by people stepping on him was shocking, very bad. I was one of those shopper out and about and had no problems. People were not crazy like the storys I read. I pretty much got everything I went out for. Lots of people but I was able to get in and out pretty good. My saving for the gifts that I am giving was a good 500.00 so YES it was well worth it to me. One store I won’t go to on the black Friday is Walmart!