Last Minute Walmart 52″ Widescreen Projection HDTV $474.00

Not to be outdone by Best Buy’s Seven Hour Specials, rumors suggest Walmart will release 8 Secret Deals.

The first may be a RCA 52″ Widescreen Projection HDTV for $474.00.

Walmart will only show the full monty online on Thanksgiving Day. The 8 Secret Deals will not appear in circulars.

Yay, more hype beast. Expect to see more of these super secret deals oops onto the internet at the last minutes.

Black Friday isn’t even here, we’ve never been to one or heard of it before this year, and we already hate it. What a pile of tomfoolery and malarkey. Yes, we’re still going.— BEN POPKEN


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  1. Triteon says:

    Wal-Mart: you’ll come for the widescreen TVs, you’ll stay for the Nazi t-shirts!

  2. Thermopyle says:

    I just saw an ad for this on TV. Available day after Thanksgiving from 5am to 11am.

  3. junkmail says:

    Couldn’t pass that one up, eh?

  4. econobiker says:

    Awesome, this amps up the potential for broken and dismemebered limbs at Walmart to Defcon 4!!!

  5. max andrews says:

    Too bad everything made by RCA sucks a big hairy choad.

  6. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    Even IF I could tolerate sleep-deprived crowds of morons shoving each other around for the privelege of being the first to waste money they probably don’t have, and even IF I thought it conscionable to spend hundreds of dollars on a big fat TV when there’s so much else this “season of giving” that needs the funding–hell, even if I needed that TV in order to slow the progress of a terminal brain cancer I’d contracted–I STILL wouldn’t shop at Wal-Mart to get it. My boycott is six years old, and those bastards deserve every minute of it and then some. *ppppfffffffttttthhhhbb*

  7. thehey says:

    As you would expect, make note that the TV does NOT have HDMI inputs – only DVI, composite and component inputs. My standard 32″ is good enough for me for now – I’ll wait another 6 months-year.

    Specs can be seen at

  8. kodec says:

    No idea on the make/model of this TV? And to be clear, this is in the brick-and-mortar stores, not on

  9. Fenni Fentu says:

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears from the stats that the TV does 480i, 480p, and 1080i. There is no mention of 720p, which, I am told, is often superior to 1080i.

  10. ajn007 says:

    The difference between 720p and 1080i is going to depend mostly on the quality of your TV and how much of a tech geek you are (read: how discriminating you are). Progressive scan (the “p” in 720p) does produce better picture quality than interlaced, but 1080i (the “i” stands for interlaced) is a higher resolution. Check out for a description of what progressive scan is.

    But, for anyone who is interested in getting into HDTV, I would HIGHLY reccommend that you stay away from this “deal.” You will likely regeret it. By spending a little bit more at a more reputable store on a more reputable brand you can get an HD product that can last a lifetime and withstand the flourish of technological changes still going on in the indstry (e.g. there’s now 1080p).

    Most importantly, do your research, read reviews and know exactly what you want.