The Internal Video Sprint Doesn’t Want You To See

Our sources tell us this Sprint internal video was previously up on YouTube but Sprint made the video sharing site take it down, and remove it from the archive. That can only mean that we gotta share it with you.

UPDATE: A digg commenter claiming he used to work for Sprint says this is from a training video teaching employees how to behave.

The video is an employee-modified version of one shown during a Sprint Knowledge Center orientation.

The original intent seems to have been for Sprint employees to voice excuses they hear from clients about why new strategies can’t be implemented.

After a Sprint employee made a light edit and title insert, it acquires a slightly different meaning…

Footnote: “Gary” refers to Gary Forsee, Sprint/Nextel CEO and President.


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  1. dwarf74 says:

    This seems to me like one of those “Don’t be one of these folks!” videos often shown during orientations. I think it’s showing employees possible bad habits they could fall into. Negative examples, if you will.

    I’ve seen similar videos in every job I’ve ever had…

  2. Very funny but probably applies to any company where departments don’t communicate well with each other and/or mangagement doesn’t communicate well with the people below them.

    Favorite: “I don’t know why we’re doing this, I just know it has to be done.”

  3. zl9600 says:

    Let’s see if Gary approves the big budget for the expensive pretty camera work next year!!!

  4. Triteon says:

    I’m surprised to find that Sprint has some sort of orientation and/or training at all.

  5. tvoimat says:

    sprint and embarq and the internet (service) they provide are extemely bad. They pretend that they are offering you service when in fact all they try to do is extort money from their customers> I am sick of this and am trying deperately to find an alternative service but I can not find anything in this desert wasteland of Las Vegas. Has anyone else expeienced this frustration? I did not have it in San Francisco, but its here in spades. How can they get away with this crap? I have to use alternate browsers and email to even live with the situation. Maybe we should go back to orange juice cans and string. It is really out of hand and only we can change it. We have to organize, please contact me and we will do it. You can’t possibly be satisfied with what they are doing?