HOWTO: Buy A Thanksgiving Turkey

Learn how to select your fine feathered friend for Thursday’s dinner.

• Size, Sex and Age Matters
• Frozen, Fresh or Hard-Chilled?
• Basted vs. Un-basted
• Un-stuffed vs. Pre-stuffed
• Learn Turkey Terms

Like the best friendships, this one comes with benefits. Like devouring your friend to the bone and throwing their remains in the refuse once you’ve had your fill. Gobble gobble! — BEN POPKEN

Tips on Buying a Thanksgiving Turkey [Sound Money Tips via Lifehacker]


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  1. Drinker Nisti says:

    Unless you’re buying a fresh bird, this post is way late for this year’s Thanksgiving– your turkey will never be defrosted in time!

  2. spin_sycle says:

    mmm…i’m deep-frying my turkey buddy

  3. Yep says:

    Linky no worky.

    BTW, its all about brining.

  4. Amy Alkon says:

    Turkey, made by anyone who didn’t go to college to learn to cook food, usually tastes like particleboard. I recommend pork chops. Or getting very, very drunk before dinner.

  5. Triteon says:

    I intend to follow Amy’s advice, as my family does the Thanksgiving lunch rather than dinner. Heck, I’ll just start tomorrow night and keep the party going!

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Link fixed.

  7. junkmail says:

    Amy, that’s not true. Just chop up some rosemary, sage, and thyme, (fresh!!!), stir them all into softened butter, then pack the butter beneath the skin surrounding the breast meat. Best freakin’ turkey you’ll ever eat. Promise.

  8. Citron says:

    The certifications for free range are really worthless. It’s just throwing your money away.

  9. “Turkey, made by anyone who didn’t go to college to learn to cook food, usually tastes like particleboard.”

    Wrap turkey in about 1 lb. of bacon. Cook according to instructions on label (20 minutes per pound at 325*F or whatever). The turkey self-bastes from the bacon, stays nice and moist, and tastes like HEAVEN. And everyone thinks you did something complicated to make it so lovely. Nope, just bacon.