Zune: Slow to Start

ZDnet is reporting that Microsoft’s iPod-killa is experiencing a slow start. ZDnet was unable to find the mp3 player at most retailers, and experienced mixed reviews at a local Best Buy.

“Ralph Lindsey, the owner of a second-generation iPod who was browsing the Zune display, said he was not planning on making a purchase, but liked the Zune’s wider screen. Since he would want to watch videos on the player, however, he was “concerned” about the Zune’s available storage space. “I’m not sure 30 gigabytes will be enough,” he said.”

We personally still have an ancient-ass 10GB iPod, and are potentially in the market for a spiffy new device, but are also not impressed by the Zune. Except for the brown one. The brown one is cool. Damned if it doesn’t make us want a brown iPod.—MEGHANN MARCO

Zune moving at slow tempo [ZDNet]

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