Liberty Mutual Punishes “Disloyal” Insurance Customer?

Frank Pallini thinks his property insurer might have dropped him because he changed his auto policy to another company.

Florida state law prohibits insurers from tying one line of business to another

    “In one of his conversations with a Liberty Mutual representative before he was dropped, Pallini said the agent told him he would be “more susceptible to being canceled” if he moved his auto policy to another company.

    The day Pallini canceled his auto insurance with Liberty Mutual so he could save nearly $1,000 by going with another company, he joked to his wife, “You watch, Liberty Mutual is going to cancel our homeowners policy.”
    About a month later, that’s exactly what happened.

    Lotane said it would be unusual for a policyholder to be given a nonrenewal notice nearly a year before his policy expires.

    “They (insurers) have 90 days to notify a customer,” he said, “and that’s usually where they operate.””

Spurned lovers can be so cruel.

Cancellation coincidence? [St. Petersburg Times] (Thanks to Kimdog!)

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