Capital One Hates Deaf People

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What's in your wallet? I said, what's in your wallet? Oh, forget it. From a reader:

What’s in your wallet? I said, what’s in your wallet? Oh, forget it. From a reader:

    Holy crap. Just went through hell trying to finalize my application for a credit card when they wouldn’t even accept the relay calls for some reason and kept shuffling me around. I have never been so ANGRY before.

    Apparently, they don’t like dealing with deaf people!

The ADA noncompliance lovefest continues, inside…

Jessica writes:

    “Earlier, I got a phone call from them and my mother picked it up and tried to explain to the verification Dept (which was apparently based in India) that I was deaf and they still refused to let my mother interpret the call. My mother had another call to make so I had to get on to make a on line relay call to the credit card place, I got this number 1-800-733-1421 which mysteriously was a 911 emergency place. I looked up on line and finally used the customer service phone number: 1-800-955-7070…

    The guy in customer service was very kind to me but said he could not help me so he sent me to the account department. She could not help me either because she didn’t deal with the verification… and that was when the trouble started again.

    The verification department immediately said they did not accept relay calls and would not talk to me, but instead would send me back to customer service dept which had told me that they could NOT help me. I got angry at this point and told them that I was not happy with being shuffled about because as a deaf person, I’ve had to deal with this sort of crap before the ADA laws came in place. I then told them that I would be reporting them to Better Business Bureau and asked the relay operator to hang up on them (which she happily did because she was not happy with the mistreatment either!)”

What’s the American Sign Language gesture for “Cancel the account?” — BEN POPKEN

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