Photocopy Your Wallet Before You Lose It

Sometime this year, you may lose your pocketbook, so prepare against this dilemma by cloning the coin purse. After scanning or photocopying your wallet, you’ve got:

• All your account numbers and card phone numbers at hand
• a legal, usable license facsimile to use until you get a replacement.
• a pictorial list of everything you need to replace

Copy the front and back of every card. Keep the sheets in secure location. Be sure to separate out the scans of your buttocks before filing. — BEN POPKEN

Photocopy The Cards In Your Wallet [Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]


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  1. Kornkob says:

    One more tip: if you have cash in your wallet, do not photocopy it, especially on a color printer.

    : )

    Great tip but you could take it one better: take your documents and scan them. Encrypt them and email them to an internet accessible email account. Then if you are travelling and lose your documentation you can relatively easily get at the data.

  2. ADM says:

    i would also recommend writing “COPY” or similar on the copies, so, if these copies are stolen, they can’t be used like the real thing. A friend of mine had relatively hi-res color copies of his passport stolen last year. Not the sort of thing you want floating around the underground markets of the world.

  3. I’m not sure a copy of your driver’s license can be legally used as a form of identification (officially) but if you were ever stopped, I think you could show the police officer the copy and explain why you only had a copy (unless you were going 150 in a 25mph zone).

  4. I’m gonna scan all my docs, and then take it to a tattoo shop, and get all my info, put on my person.

  5. InvisibleEcho says:

    Tattooing would be a good idea, unless of course your address changes on your license. Hehe. But I like the idea of some measure of security (tagging, encrypting, etc) when making these copies. It would be a gold mine to anyone nefarious enough to be rummaging around in your place for things to take.

  6. If my address changes, I can just add on, making an armband, and then a full body suit!

  7. Plasmafire says:

    Don’t forget to store your copies in an extremely secure place like a bank vault or at least a safe that is bolted to something massively heavy and or impossible to move.

  8. Ellen says:

    Don’t photocopy your stuff on a public copier. It’s just a scanner plus a printer. One paper jam and your info’s just there for the guy behind the desk to get whenever he gets around to unjamming the printer.