CBS Poops Out CSI Eggvertising

When we first heard about CBS advertising on poultry ovum, we thought, oh, that’s neat, but were, for the most part, nonplussed. The relentless penetration of advertising into every space is a fairly warmed over easy topic.

Then our friend Steig Retlin sent in this picture of the actual eggs and we’re changing our cock’s crow. (We realize these egg ads have been out for a while, but this is the first we’ve seen).

It appears there’s a code on the eggs related to a CSI episode airing on December 11th. Also, there’s a pun about the delivery mechanism.

…Ever start out writing something and then realize after you type it, how stupid it sounds…

Here’s a token with a number on it, watch the TV show and see if your number matches? We’d rather play Powerball. — BEN POPKEN

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