Best of Both Worlds

ZDNet is reporting that MacMall is selling Macbooks that are pre-loaded with both Windows XP and MacOS. You can get your dual boot system in two flavors: Apple’s free BootCamp 1.1 which allows you to boot either operating system, or Nova Development’s Parallels Desktop … which allows you to run both at the same time.

This sounds like a fantastic solution for those of us weirdos who use both PC and Mac (yay! One computer!), but one wonders if it might be prudent to wait to see what unfolds with Windows Vista, if only to avoid the extra cost of upgrading the operating system.— MEGHANN MARCO

Do you want Windows XP on that Mac? [ZDnet]
MacMall’s Windows XP Bundles Press Release [MacMall]


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  1. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    My prediction for what unfolds with Windows Vista:

    It will be two years or more from now before consumer-level hardware runs it and all its eye candy expediently. Forget about running Vista with all the eye candy enabled on anything you buy today. It will probably run without the eye candy on hardware you can buy today.

  2. Hawkins says:

    I must agree with Mr. Fault. The geek press mostly agrees that adoption of Vista will be slow, and that it doesn’t offer a compelling reason to upgrade.

    I just switched to Mac (an enormously powerful 20″ iMac), set up for dual-boot, and I recommend it strongly. I see no good reason to wait.

  3. Meg Marco says:

    Mmm, so tempting! I have too many computers. Even nerds are like, “um, Marco, you need help.”

  4. William Mize says:

    Personally, I’m getting an itchy trigger finger to give CodeWeavers Crossover for mac software a try. No Windows CDs necessary. Heck, you don’t even need a Windows installation!
    For intel macs only, in beta.

  5. I don’t see that waiting for Vista is much of a compelling reason to pass up this deal, for the following reasons:

    -Windows XP works today. A computer running Windows XP will not suddenly stop running or working when Vista is released.
    -Microsoft has a terrible history with first releases, and with Vista’s prolonged and painful gestation, it looks to be no different. Spare yourself a lot of pain and wait a year.
    -If you’re curious about owning a Mac, this is a great way to give it a try. The machines are designed very well, are virtually identical to any other Windows laptop under the skin, look and feel great on the outside, and the Mac OS is as functional and quite a bit more slick than XP or Vista on the same hardware. Plus – no viruses to speak of.

    This is a nice win-win situation. I may pick one up if only for the free Windows license.