Top 10 Companies for Customer Service

CRMLowdown sifted through countless customer service surveys, studies, and real-life experiences to come up with a pretty damn impressive list of the best/worst companies for customer service.

The highlights:

1) Apple “The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI)* second quarter report indicates that within the Personal Computers category, customers perceived Apple as the best company in terms of customer service.” (Those commenters who are angry about the recent posting of mildly negative Apple news can feel free to apologize and send flowers.)

2) GE In the major appliances category, the ASCI survey has named the General Electric company no. 1. Yay for large appliances!

3) Toyota Reliable cars!

4) Google It’s not just a verb!

5) Southwest Happy employees = happy customers!

The list of the 10 worst is, from our perspective, equally unsurprising. The companies on the list are often in the subject lines of our emails.

AOL, Home Depot, Best Buy, AT&T, and Circuit City stand out to us the most. Can we go a single day without someone bitching about Home Depot? No, no we can’t.— MEGHANN MARCO

10 Best and Worst Companies for Customer Service