Top 10 Companies for Customer Service

CRMLowdown sifted through countless customer service surveys, studies, and real-life experiences to come up with a pretty damn impressive list of the best/worst companies for customer service.

The highlights:

1) Apple “The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI)* second quarter report indicates that within the Personal Computers category, customers perceived Apple as the best company in terms of customer service.” (Those commenters who are angry about the recent posting of mildly negative Apple news can feel free to apologize and send flowers.)

2) GE In the major appliances category, the ASCI survey has named the General Electric company no. 1. Yay for large appliances!

3) Toyota Reliable cars!

4) Google It’s not just a verb!

5) Southwest Happy employees = happy customers!

The list of the 10 worst is, from our perspective, equally unsurprising. The companies on the list are often in the subject lines of our emails.

AOL, Home Depot, Best Buy, AT&T, and Circuit City stand out to us the most. Can we go a single day without someone bitching about Home Depot? No, no we can’t.— MEGHANN MARCO

10 Best and Worst Companies for Customer Service


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  1. MissPinkKate says:

    Ugh, Home Depot! I placed a special order several weeks ago, for a $6 towel bar they don’t keep in stock (they don’t keep towel bars in stock; only the whole wall thing. You have to special order the $6 towel bar. Isn’t that ridiculous??). Got a call today, something about the system losing my order and blah blah blah it’s going to be another 1-2 weeks before my towel bar will arrive. I just need a plastic tube to hang my towels on, why is this so hard?

  2. homerjay says:

    Apple?! WHAT?? But from what I’ve read here the criminals at Apple rape old ladies and eat babies!

    Who is this CRM, anyway?

  3. Apple?! WHAT?? But from what I’ve read here the criminals at Apple rape old ladies and eat babies!

    Not true! When I worked in Customer Relations at Apple, we only raped babies and ate old ladies. Then we drank heavily. Or maybe we drank heavily first. I don’t really remember. But what’s important was that at Apple, the customer always came first – and often!

  4. Citron says:

    I’ve always liked Southwest. They give you airplane-shaped Ritz cracker things. I just wish they flew to more damn airports.

  5. Mike_ says:


  6. Trai_Dep says:

    Microsoft? Dell? HP? Gateway? Toshiba? Lovenco? What? Where?

    I thought Apple people were trendy, illogical ninnies for prefering the Mac OS. Gosh, I guess we’re rational after all. Phew!

    So I can put away the black turtleneck and beret now?

  7. awall25 says:

    I have to disagree with the list, just because is the worst company in the history of time and space.

    They have great deals, but I wouldn’t advise using them unless you are prepared to spend the rest of your life at your destination.

    I missed a return flight and was almost stuck in NYC permanently. Or at the very least until I gathered enough cash from whoring myself around to get back home. was this close to starting me down the treacherous road of male prostitution.

  8. DudeAsInCool says:

    Google for customer service? Try calling them!!!!!

  9. DudeAsInCool says:

    Google for Best Customer Service? Try reaching them by phone sometime!!!

    The review is right about Apple–they are not only friendly, but efficient.

  10. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    Southwest customer service is approximately 217% better than any other airline. They rock.

  11. gc13973 says:

    We shipped a men’s ring back to Tiffany & Co. for a wrong fit via FedEx. Upon arrival at Tiffany’s, the package had been tampered with and the $175.00 ring was missing. Tiffany’s called us right away and told us the package had been tampered with and the ring was missing upon arrival. They said that because we insured in to just call FedEx and Tiffany’s would vouch for us regarding the tampered package and missing ring. Wrong! FedEx has been a joke and is accusing Tiffany’s of stealing their own ring! My wife reminded them that there is no way they would have even picked up the package if it was tampered with and then asked them if it was possible if someone on the FedEx side may have tampered with the package. They told her no and that they did not want to deal with us any longer! All this after we paid them insurance for the package. Save yourself the misery, avoid FedEx, they ARE criminals!