Millions of Acetaminophen Pills Recalled For Metal Shards

Millions of generic acetaminophen pills were recalled today after metal shards were found in in 200 pills.

The drug company, Perringo, supplies store-brand acetaminophen to Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreen, and Costco, among others, though the manufacturer didn’t specify which stores were affected.

Acetaminophen is commonly found in Tylenol-like products.

The fragments ranged from “microdots” to 1/3 inch long pieces of wire.

Users could be trapped in a vicious cycle if the caused small lacerations and they in turn consumed more acetaminophen to ease the pain. Instead, reach for a homeopathic remedy, like a tall glass of bourbon.

Check to see if your 500 mg acetaminophen pills are on this list. If they are, you can call (877) 546-0454 for info on getting a refund. — BEN POPKEN

Millions of acetaminophen pills recalled [AP] (Thanks to Kristin!)