Dem Gains Make Big Pharma Queasy

In other news, Democratic control of Congress cured our dyspepsia. — BEN POPKEN

Shift has drug firms wary [CT]


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  1. And now instead of taking drugs for your attention disorder, expect your doctor to tell you just to calm the f down.

  2. acambras says:

    Billy Tauzin, chief executive of PHARMA, is a former longtime congressman from Louisiana. And as someone who used to live in Louisiana, I’d like to say that he is an EVIL, EVIL man.

  3. RumorsDaily says:

    Are there a lot of politicians from Louisiana who aren’t?

  4. acambras says:

    Actually, there are still some good people there. It’s just that the worst ones seem to get the most media attention. Especially when they end up in federal prison.

  5. bambino says:

    Don’t worry, ‘BIG PHARMA’ will just start to line the pockets of the Dems, and we’ll be right back where we started. You thought certain parties were immune to corruption? Ooo child, time to put away the comic books.

  6. Triteon says:

    bambino, ftw! “Big” everything follows the power, and if the Dems have the power…

  7. dandmb50 says:

    Just buy your drugs when you come and visit Toronto, you will find they are a lot less expensive and bring your prescription.
    It’s made by the same drug companies, but don’t buy them off the internet you don’t know what your getting.