Anti-Gay Landscaper Comes Out Of The Proverbial Closet

The story of a Houston landscaping company that refused to work for a local gay couple finally percolated to the AP newswire. There, the AP reporters achieved the heretofore impossible, an actual quote from the Farbers, owners of the Garden Guy company.

    “It was just our intent to uphold our rights as small business owners to choose our clientele,” she said. “All the hate, the threats of sodomizing my children, the threats of me being murdered, came out because of a very businesslike straightforward e-mail I sent. The crowd of tolerance and diversity is not so tolerant.”

One of those calls was from Beelzebub, who needed his hedges trimmed.

    “But Farber said she and her husband have also gotten hundreds of calls and messages offering encouragement and have been touched by that. “We just cried. We have been through so much,” Farber said. “We become accidental crusaders for Christ.”

Unlike nearby Austin and Dallas, Houston has no laws prohibiting businesses from discriminating against clients based on sexual preference. — BEN POPKEN

Houston landscaper accused of bigotry [AP] (Thanks to Acambras!)

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