One Pearl Place Is A Shithole

Doug has set up a fun website to put his former apartment complex, One Pearl Place, in the stockades. Hot dogs in the hot tub, thin walls, windows that won’t open, broken glass left on stairways, and a little thing about them trying to get him to pay $400 extra dollars.

After his dad had a stroke, Doug left his San Jose apartment to take care of his father in Louisiana.

He figured his deposit would cover the 13 days outside of his required 30-day notice. One Pearl Place assured him the unit would rent within a week.

Now One Pearl Place wants to charge Doug $400 over and above his deposit to cover not having a renter. This might have something to do with them not listing it for over a month.

They’re offering to “meet him halfway” and only take $200. Doug is balking.

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Previously, Doug delighted us with his baiting and pranking of online pharmacy telemarketers.— BEN POPKEN

Come Home to One Pearl Place [Doug’s Site]

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