COX Reads The Consumerist

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COX Communications reads The Consumerist.

COX Communications reads The Consumerist.

On 10/05/06, we posted a reader complaint about not being able to understand the accents of COX directory assistance workers in, “Cox Outsources 411 To Filipinos.”

On 10/12/06, an internal COX company website pointed employees towards The Consumerist post and provided talking points in case any customers called in to complain, a COX employee tells us.

As they say on the streets, suckers better recognize.

The internal memo, inside. — BEN POPKEN

    “The Consumerist blog site recently featured a posting titled, “Cox Outsources 411 to Filipinos.”

    This blog highlighted a Cox Digital Telephone customer’s recent encounter with directory assistance (411), including difficulty in understanding the operator’s accent, frustration with an “outdated” database and dismay over Cox’s “cost-cutting” measures.

    Although we do not anticipate many calls regarding this, outsourcing and customer service are hot topics today. It is important to understand and communicate the following messages to any inquiring customers:

    * Directory Assistance is a specialized service. Cox uses the most real-time resources available to ensure its telephone customers receive accurate listings from Directory Assistance.
    * It is common practice in the telecommunications industry to use the expertise of specialized companies, as does Cox for this very dynamic listing service.
    * Cox has a long and successful history with InfoNXX, a provider of directory assistance services.

      o The prestigious Paisley Group has recognized InfoNXX with top honors for its Directory Assistance services.
      o InfoNXX operates staffs and trains its call center employees in the United States and Asia.
      o All Directory Assistance representatives are college graduates, receive extensive and ongoing training and are fluent in English. Furthermore, English and Filipinos are the primary languages in the Philippines – an InfoNXX location.”

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