Gas Price Election Conspiracy Press Coverage is Adorable

We think it’s cute the way that reporters try to compensate for the partisan nature of reporting on “election conspiracies” and go out of their way to find the most plain-spoken down-homey stereotypically right-leaning type dude they can.

Take this example from the Detroit Free Press:

“My view is that when prices were exploding last spring and you got all this baloney about the world economy and China and India consuming more fuel, I didn’t believe it then,” said Jim Collins, a 70-year-old retired finance manager with General Motors Corp….

“But when the prices decrease as rapidly as they did in September, I thought” President George W. Bush “was doing that to set the stage to be treated favorably during the midterm elections,” Collins said.

Please don’t accuse us of being leftists, please, please…wahhhhhh! Is there an actual gas price conspiracy? Who knows. Here’s something to help you find cheap gas after the election… — MEGHANN MARCO

Consumers grow suspicious as gas prices rise [DetroitFreePress]