Ugenie Beta Shopping Site

Still in Beta, the “true price” shopping search engine Ugenie has raised $5 million bucks in venture capital to take it to the next level. Type in a shopping list and Ugenie calculates the cheapest combination of sellers.

They call it a bundle. Right now it’s just movies, games, music and books, but ugenie has big plans. Check it out. Each page lists the “most popular” bundle…some of which are quite scary. Marley and Me plus Ann Coulter plus Howard Dean? What?



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  1. acambras says:

    Oh, the YouGenie people must be PISSED!

  2. Yep says:

    One would think that the beta would include the one category I might consider this type of bundling useful for : consumer electronics (eg. gimme a tv, a home theater tuner, speakers and the hookup cords, each for the best price from whichever vendor) Who needs to bundle books or CDs?

  3. silenuswise says:

    I went to the site and thought, cool, let’s check it out. But then when I looked at the choices–movies, books, music, games–I realized, hmm, that’s all publicly accessible. I never buy movies (mostly rent them for free at university libraries), never buy books (same, and reprint articles via fair use), never buy music (tons of legal free downloadable stuff), and I don’t pay for games. So I agree with Yep: let’s see some electronic items and other hardware, and then you’ve got my attention.

  4. jake3_14 says:

    Their import of wishlists is incomplete. Ugenie grabbed only 10 of my CDs in my list, and none of the books.

    I second Yep’s comment. Bundle components of things that make sense to bundle.