RFID Confuses The US Government

Despite a report by Homeland security, the US is going ahead with plans to put RFID tags in everything from passports to drivers licenses.

“The Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee of the DHS concludes that RFID chips are useful in inventory management but aren’t suitable for human identification, where privacy issues remain a concern.”

“RFID appears to offer little benefit when compared to the consequences it brings for privacy and data integrity. Instead, it increases risks to personal privacy and security, with no commensurate benefit for performance or national security,” the report states.”

Well, that seems pretty fucking clear. Will the government listen to itself? Who the hell knows. Maybe they should have put the report into an RFID, where more people are likely to read it.


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  1. acceptablerisk says:

    This is a bad idea. For once, I agree with the DHS. RFID in its current state is just not secure enough for this kind of thing.

  2. Law-Vol says:

    Remarkably, the tinfoil-hat crowd might just be spot on this time. Go figure.

  3. tspack says:

    I had heard that a few seconds in a microwave oven will, um, disable a chip. True?

  4. SpamFighterLoy says:

    I love my microwave :)

  5. SexCpotatoes says:

    So that’s why that hot pocket you gave me tasted funny!