Geek Squad City Unveiled, With Fabio

This is a Multivu PR newsreel about the unveiling of Best Buy’s Geek Squad new central headquarters. Geek Squad City sounds awesome. By all appearances, the video is an upload of the footage supplied to TV news stations that helps them from having to do any reporting of their own.

It’s got computer technicians rappelling out of helicopters, Fabio, and a three-day laptop repair turnaround time.

Perhaps the inhabitants of Geek Squad City will be a breed better than those that populate local Best Buys.

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  1. Solo says:

    Geek Squad: best scheme ever.

    As opposed to other kind of service industry (like cell phones, telco, tvs…) who need some infrastructure (like equipment, tower, cameras…) The GeekSquad has ALL the ingredients to maximize profit:

    – Service is expensive, but not as expensive as big corps pay on consultant IT.
    – Workmanship is cheap and a plenty: you just need a nerd (oh, pardon me, a geek)
    And finally, you need:
    – plenty of middle management pressure to put on the geek to force them into the “if you don’t bring back so many billables hours per week, we’ll kill you and feed you to the crocodiles in the back”

    Which is a proven recipe for billable consultants employed for a long time by big B2B (Business to business) corps.

    But now it’s available for the general public! Yipeeeeee!

  2. homerjay says:



  3. Chairman-Meow says:

    What they are probally not telling you is that most of these poor geek squad employees are cheap entry level PC techs; A highly disposable and cheap commodity.

    It seems most of their solutions simply invlove wiping the hard drive and re-installing windows.

    Broken Keyboard ? Re-install windows!

  4. Chairman-Meow says:

    I wonder if Fabio still has butter related identity issues.

  5. synergy says:

    Holy crap! Most boring video ever! I had to hit stop after 3 minutes. It’s amazing I watched that long, too.

  6. dr_oxide says:

    Where’s your ESD approved wrist straps and ESD approved smocks and clothing? Improper ESD procedures everywhere! What about ESD floor treatment. Area’s not even posted as ESD. Shame shame on you! Zap goes someones board every minute!

  7. dr_oxide says:

    Purchased HP DV9008nr laptop 1-10-2007. Took it back to bestbuy 2-23-07 for keyboard problems. Instead of replacing it they sent it off and now claim it has water damage and is no longer under warranty and trying to charge $600 on service! We all know what the problem and the cause is in the electrical engineering department and it was not water damaged as claimed! We still have not received the computer back for us to reanalyze and further our documentation. 3-10-07Still have not recieved laptop and still getting the run around from geeksquad at our west store in Wichita KS. There delaying sending it back. Where sure the unet will not match or original photos or our original documentation!