Fix Your Credit Score Fast, For A Price

If it were Monopoly, the card would say, “Bank Error Not In Your Favor.”

However, it’s not a game and an error on your credit report could cost you thousands of dollars in real money and take weeks to fix on your own.

But with the help of a “Rapid Rescoring Expert,” you can have errors corrected and be on your way to a life of happy indebtedness in 24-72 hours.

Unfortunately, to get access to a local credit bureau offering rescoring services, you’ll need to gather the written documentation of the error and go through a mortgage broker or lender.

Consumer reporter Elisabeth Leamy says rapid rescoring is, “a fairly new process, so you may have to educate your mortgage broker about it.”

Hopefully some day these companies will be so kind as to offer their services directly to the consumers whose lives are impacted by the mistakes in the reports these companies invented

Fixing Your Credit Score Can Be a Cinch [ABC via Consumer World Blog]


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  1. The question on everybody’s mind: Why can’t we get 24-72 hour service when fixing legitimate problems without a.) Paying extra money, or b.) Going through some new service.

  2. thrillhouse says:

    the answer:
    Because they don’t care about you. They care about your money and how to take it from you.

    It was not that long ago when consumers were not even allowed to see their credit score or report. I’m pretty sure it was even unlawful for anyone with access to show it to you or even tell you what your score was.

    Everyone has their moment. You may have to hit rock bottom to realize it. Or you just finally see all the BS for what it really is. This system is not broken. It is functioning exactly the way it was set up to. You are not the end user – banks and credit card companies are.

  3. orielbean says:

    The better question – why can’t we form a consumer lobby to change the laws of credit reporting and recordkeeping, so when your info is compromised there are greater checks and documentation – so like some guy in a different country can’t take out a loan when he steals your ssn due to the block on your account….

  4. Dabo says:

    That’s provided it’s a genuine error in your report. But if there are no errors on your credit report, then you can’t really “fix your credit score fast”. It will take time. Reminds me of those old TV commercials “We make money the old-fashioned way. We Earn it”. I like these “golden rules”: