Boarding Pass Dude’s Computers Seized, Public Service Praised

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BoingBoing is really your one-stop shop but:

BoingBoing is really your one-stop shop but:

• The FBI seized Chris Soghoian’s computers and ransacked his house.
• The congressman who called for Soghoian’s arrest essentially retracted his comments and praised Soghoian for performing a public good, though he called it, “a lousy way of doing it.”
A TSA spokeswoman said, “Does this pose a threat to security? No.”
A Northwest spokesman said, “If someone were to print a fraudulent boarding pass with a first-class seat that was unassigned, they would quickly be discovered by our flight attendants.”
• You can still mod your NWA boarding pass by hand-editing the HTML. Unless you’re a noob.

So it looks like that website wasn’t a danger, didn’t aid terrorists, and was basically useless except for one thing: pointing out a big ol’ security hole. Awesome, glad we got that one figured out.

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