UPDATE: Vegemite Not Banned

Reader David informs us that Vegemite, a salty, paste-like spread, and an Australian national delicacy, was never banned. It was all a hoax. We are upset; there’s nothing we enjoy more than irritated Aussies. We are further upset because we would have known it was a hoax if we had been reading the comments more closely.

“There is no ban on Vegemite,” said FDA spokesman Mike Herndon, who said he was surprised by the media reports on a possible ban.

Newstarget added, “Many news outlets are now classifying the weekend reports of a Vegemite ban as a hoax or an urban legend that began with an overenthusiastic border official possibly confiscating a jar of the spread.”

Mmmm… Yeastlicious! Feel free to dig in.

Previously (and wrong): U.S. Government Sparks Australian Riot, Bans Vegemite

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