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Here’s how to obtain the highest levels of Apple Executive Customer Service. These people are empowered to perform magic, like replacing your machine or free out-of-warranty repairs.

Use but do not abuse this knowledge, please.

1) Call Apple Corporate: 408-996-1010
2) Ask the operator for Gene (like denim) Teluse, VP of Customer Care. She is Apple’s highest ranking customer service agent, and she reports directly to Steve Jobs.
3) Leave a nice message, include any Apple Case/Repair numbers you might have, or your machine’s serial number, and a callback number.
4) Wait ~24 business hours for one of Ms. Teluse’s minions to call.
5) Calmly explain your story, and what you want Apple to do.

Tipster Thirdgen adds that in general, Apple will not replace a machine unless it has been unsuccessfully fixed 3 or more times for the same issue, or several major repairs (i.e. a logic board, a screen, a top case as separate repairs).

These guys (and gals) are CR super-ninjas, so threats, yelling, cursing, and generally rude behavior has no effect on them.


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  1. RumorsDaily says:


    Why have a Digg It button on one and only one post?

  2. ratamiss says:

    I worked for Applecare up until about 6 months ago. Doing this will get you the same people asking for a manager would, its called the “management response team”. This team is made up of regular Tier 2 reps. Apple call centers managers NEVER take calls, they are little more than administrative monkeys. They just make sure people show up on time, say the right things on calls,etc.

  3. Solo says:

    Apple internal policy regarding sending morons to VP of customer care voicemail changing in 3…2…1…

  4. homerjay says:

    Just what I was thinking, Solo. Sometimes if you’ve got an idea that works (and according to ratamiss, it doesnt) you should keep it to yourself.

  5. fullfilth says:

    hate company, not your job.

    ~customer service agent

  6. 1. It’s Jeanne Toulouse, not Gene Teluse.
    2. There are three tiers of customer relations at Apple: Customer Relations (Tier 1) Customer Relations (Tier 2) and Executive Relations. If you call the switchboard with a customer service issue and ask for a director or other executive-level person, Executive Relations is supposed to call you back.
    4. While once compassionate, ER, especially Brad, is largely made of stonehearted asses now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jeanne Toulouse, nolonger works at Apple. I called apple regarding a sleu of issues with my computer, and got costomer relations. I spoke to Heather ____, who told me, once I get my computer back, if anything is wrong, a replacement will be sent. IT’S GREAT!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey- I was impressed with my experience at the local Apple Store and Applecare for the last 3 years, I purchased my GF nearly $4K of Apple Store items. She wanted to go by herself, had been there with me and had an appointment with the same guy she liked the first time we went. she mad it clear she did not want me there because she says I make her to nervous in these situations. Well, she came home with the new iPhone, the new MacBook pro (unibody, 2.6 Mz) and the app that comes with the MBP, and a few others. She did get her free iPod shuffle. As I went through the closed boxes she told me she had to install and register some things. to make a long story shot she really had no idea what she had to do but I was floored. The Apple Store is suppose to get the computer up and running for you. I purchased mine on the website and they did everything they could except register the MBP, but they gave me detailed directions on what to do when that time comes. This sales guy did not even unwrap the iPhone o computer. She was told to follow this list and it would be as easy as 1,2,3. The pre-installed software apparently would be thee for her first “check for updates,” and as we turned the machine on she had 15 updates from firmware to itunes. I never saw any programs like the iWork she chose for her pre-installed software and the phone was not even hooked up with ATT. The sales guy told her to call ATT when she had time. I dealt with the Apple Store once after contacting Mr.-Jobs executive ‘Secretary.” and they came to my house, picked up my MBP, looked it over, and left. 2 weeks later it was delivered to my house in tip top shape. I thought that was an advantage of buying Apple stuff at the Apple Store? Anybody know how I can go back and try this one more time with her and if we do not walk out of there with the notebook ready to open and use. I would appreciate any help.