Target Agrees To Stop Selling “Coach” Bags

Today, Coach dropped a trademark infringement suit alleging Target sold counterfeit versions of a popular purse, the Python Signature Striped Demi.

The bags were first discovered at a Target store in Largo, FL. It’s not clear whether they were sold at any other Targets.

Coach dropped the suit because Target agreed to stop selling fakes. For its part, Target maintained that the purses were real and it bought them at, “a major department store liquidation sale.”


If you bought a Coach bag at Target, you can easily verify its authenticity. Look for a unique serial number stamped inside and call Coach at 1-888-262-6224. Relay the number, the bag color and the retailer and they will tell you if the bag is legit. You can also look for distinctive Coach characteristics, but that will require using critical thinking and powers of observation.

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